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Leaked information on the DJI Mini 2 SE includes its 31-minute runtime & 10 km range

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With a less expensive model, DJI hopes to launch its 2023 wave of drone releases. According to rumors, the Mini 2 SE, another sub-250 g drone, will be the next in line. While the Mini 2 SE and Mini 2 are similar in most respects, DJI has done away with a Mini 2 selling point to set the two apart. Details and images concerning the Mini 2 SE, DJI's upcoming low-cost drone, were posted by @DealsDrone and @JasperEllens. It may come as no surprise that the Mini 2 SE resembles the Mini 2, which DJI has since updated with the Mini 3. In actuality, the only apparent difference between the Mini 2 SE and Mini 2 is a 'SE' inscription. Several leaked images demonstrate that the former will also weigh 249 g. DJI Mini 2 - DJI Mobile Online Store (United States) Photo Credit: DJI Store However, DJI has significantly changed from the Mini 2, likely to save manufacturing costs and provide consumers with a benefit for spending more money on the more expensive drone. In particular, the Mini 2 SE's maximum video recording resolution is 2.7K, as opposed to 4K for the Mini 2 and Mini 3. Theoretically, this modification would enable DJI to provide the Mini 2 SE a less expensive camera sensor in addition to a less potent processor that would normally have trouble processing 4K video. Leaked packaging also states that the Mini 2 SE will have a 31-minute flying duration and a 10 kilometer range. In addition, the drone will support capabilities offered by DJI across its entire product stack, such as OcuSync 2.0 and the RC-N1 remote control. Pricing and the exact release date are still unknown. A hardware event is often announced by DJI ahead of time, but the emergence of retail units suggests that the Mini 2 SE is about to go on sale.

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