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Learn About the Past With This Secret Google Maps Function

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Image Credit: Reddit For more than a decade, Google's fleet of Street View aircraft has been flying through well-known cities and small towns all over the world, taking pictures of residences, parks, structures, and pretty much anything else that can be seen from the street. Google has since gone back and improved Google Maps by retracing its steps and taking better pictures of the same locations. In reality, you should get a fairly current image, possibly from the past year or two, if you open Google Maps right now and utilize the Street View feature on your home, for example. Yet there are other perceptions of where you reside as well. You merely need to know where to look to find every photo shot in that area since Google Maps began in 2007. Do you want to see how your house appeared more than ten years ago? We'll demonstrate how to use Google Map's time-travel function on a PC and mobile device. While you're here, you should also have a look at why you might want to blur your home from Google Maps and how to use Google Maps even if you don't have access to the internet. on your phone, how to view earlier Street View pictures Enter an address or lay a marker down on a location for which you want to see images in the Google Maps app for iOS or Android. The next step is to hit the Street View preview, which is located directly above the information box and will launch Street View in full-screen mode. Tap the sizable map after that. Google Map Image Credit: T3 In the white window at the bottom of Street View, a blue option that says "Show more dates" ought to now be visible. If you tap it, a carousel of photographs with the month and year they were taken by Google will appear. To navigate between the various Street View photos, swipe left and right. There should be selections as far back as 2007, with new photographs added every few years or so. The earlier the date, the worse the quality of the image you might view. You might anticipate more Street View selections if you reside in a major city. See old Street View pictures on your PC. On your PC, you may also browse the same Street View pictures from earlier times. Go to the Google Maps page in your preferred web browser and select a point on the map or input an address. Once you've chosen a location, click the image that displays directly over the address on Google Maps' left side. If the image is one from Street View, clicking it will take you there; if not, find Street View & 360° and click the image that appears below. Read More: Google Maps introduces Immersive View, a 3D experience that combines street view with aerial photography In Street View mode, the top-left corner of the map should display a grey, transparent pane. A carousel of Street View photographs over the past about 15 years will appear at the bottom when you select the See more dates option. Go through the many old photos with your mouse by clicking and dragging. Done? Check out this Google Maps cheat sheet with all the most important tips and tricks, along with three new Google Maps features you'll want to utilize immediately.

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