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Lenovo’s Upcoming Monitors Are Truly Impressive

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Lenovo’s Upcoming Monitors Are Truly Impressive-GadgetAny
Lenovo Monitors

At the IFA 2022 event (Europe’s biggest tech show), Lenovo’s gaming and curved monitors stole the spotlight in the monitor niche. Here’s a brief rundown of both monitors’ impressive specs and features.

Legion Y32p-30 – Lenovo’s Upcoming Gaming Monitor

The Legion Y32p-30 sports a 31.5-inch display with 3840 x 2160 resolution. In addition, the gaming monitor has a speedy response time of 0.2ms with a 144Hz refresh rate. 

Lenovo Monitors


Furthermore, creatives would find the Legion Y32p-30 equally impressive, with a 99% sRGB for its coverage ratio and a 112% sRGB for its color gamut coverage. Additionally, the display’s peak brightness is 400 cd / m2. 

Therefore, all these amazing specs offer users a crystal clear picture that makes any project “pop” in color. Finally, the Legion Y32p-30 comes with two HDMI 2.1 ports, one audio jack, one DisplayPort 1.4, one USB Type-C port, two USB Type-A, and one USB Type-B. Hence, such specs and features could make this gaming monitor by Lenovo one of the best launched this year.

Lenovo Monitors


Thinkvision T34w-30 – Lenovo’s Curved Monitor

ThinkVision T34w-30 is a 34-inch curved monitor by Lenovo with a 3440 x 1440 resolution (21:9). It also boasts a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is perfect if one wants to use the monitor casually for business or watching movies. Additionally, the 99% sRGB coverage ratio of ThinkVision T34w-30 enables it to double as a monitor for creative projects.

Thinkvision T34w-30 - Lenovo’s Curved Monitor


Besides, the curved aspect is a significant asset of the monitor, offering users a complete view of their project. But, it isn’t so curved that it might overwhelm users. Plus, the size of the curved monitor isn’t so great that it forces users to crane their necks or lean back in uncomfortable positions to view the whole screen.

ThinkVision’s port selection includes an ethernet port, an HDMI 2.0, one DP 1.4, one USB Type-C port, four USB Type-A ports, and an audio jack.

Bottom Line

At the IFA event, many companies showcased their monitors, but Lenovo’s upcoming gaming and curved monitors stole the show in that class. 

Lastly, the ThinkVision T34w-30 will likely launch in January 2023 with a price tag of $849 (around £740 / AU$1,250). But, the Legion Y32p-30 gaming monitor will arrive before the curved one, possibly in December 2022, selling at $749.99 (around £650 / AU$1,100).

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