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Let’s Have A Sneak Peak At New Features Of Samsung One UI 6.0

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image credit - samlover.com Samsung's newest software, One UI 6.0, is built on Android 14. A beta version of it is already on the Galaxy S23 series. Previous updates to One UI were mostly about improving speed and making other changes. One UI 6.0 gives the system a big and much-needed visual makeover. A new system font makes it look more modern, a new dropdown menu makes more sense, and a new emoji replaces the old style with a more modern look that is in line with all other platforms. Not only that, but Samsung has also changed the design of the Camera app to make it a lot easier to use. There have also been small changes here and there that have all made things better. So, let's get right into what's new in Samsung One UI 6.0. 

Features Of Samsung One UI 6.0

Here is a list of the most important new features that come with One UI 6.0, which is built on Android 14:
  • A new system font that is bigger
  • Emojis were completely redesigned.
  • New drop-down menu for quick settings
  • More ways to customize the Lock screen
  • New Camera app user interface
  • With the new "i" button, it will be easy to see picture details.
  • The Weather app has a new look.
  • The Security and Privacy menu now has a tool called "Autoblocker."
  • Animation of a wave in a video player
  • Changing how an app works
  • Smart Select has gotten better with a new page in Settings just for the battery.

New System Font for One UI 6.0

In One UI 6.0, Samsung has added a brand-new style, which changes a lot about how you see the system. This new font is bigger and not as tight, so it's easier on the eyes and feels a little more open.

New Emoji

[caption id="attachment_191714" align="aligncenter" width="1600"]ui-emoji image credit - phonearena.com[/caption] Samsung's emoji were not among the cutest, and their style was very different from most other platforms. We were so glad to see that Samsung has finally fixed this problem with a new style of emoji that looks much better and will make texting so much more fun. Emoji are so small, but they make such a big difference in everyday life.

New Quick Settings menu

The new Quick Settings menu has more space and is split into parts. The switches for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are completely different from the ones you probably use less often. You can tap on the icon to turn the feature on or off or tap on the text next to the icon to see more choices. Before, you had to swipe down twice to see the brightness slider. Now, you only have to swipe down once to see it. Also, it's nice to be able to quickly switch between dark mode and light mode right from the quick settings menu. Samsung now remembers small things like how you set up Airplane mode, so if you had Bluetooth turned on in Airplane mode, it will be turned on the next time you turn it on. Tap the pencil icon to change how the Quick Settings are set up. You'll also find a cool way to get to the longer version of the Quick Settings menu by swiping down from the top right corner. Also read - Samsung Odyssey Neo G9: 57-inch Dual Monitor Coming in October, What’s the Price?

Changes to Lock Screen

You can now change your lock screen in more ways. You can now move the clock anywhere on the lock screen, and there are more types and styles to choose from.

Changes to Camera App

[caption id="attachment_191713" align="aligncenter" width="1600"]ui-camera image credit - phonearena.com[/caption] With One UI 6.0, Samsung makes a few small but nice changes to the Camera app's interface. In Photo mode, you can switch between 12MP and 50MP photos by tapping a button right in the viewfinder. This is very helpful. In Video mode, choosing a resolution and frame rate is much easier. When you tap the gear button in the camera app, the "Scene Optimizer" is no longer on the first page. It is now hidden under "Advanced Intelligence Options," so it's clear that the idea is for most people always to leave it on. Under this tab, you can also find three new picture quality settings: "Maximum," "Medium," and "Minimum." Maximum is the slowest, and Minimum is the fastest for the least shutter lag, but keep in mind that the scene optimizer won't work if you choose anything but "Maximum."

Gallery Changes

[caption id="attachment_191712" align="aligncenter" width="1600"]ui-gallery image credit - phonearena.com[/caption] The gallery has also been changed a bit by Samsung. When you open a single picture, you see an "i" button in the middle. This makes it easy to get information about a photo. When you tap the edit picture icon, the settings are now better organized, and each change you make has an undo and a redo button, which is great for editing images.

Weather App

The Weather app is now more colorful and all blue. Before, when you scrolled past the first screen, it changed from blue to white. The areas for sunrise and moon phases are now bigger, and the whole thing looks a bit better.

New Auto Blocker feature

This tool is in the settings menu under "Security and Privacy." It does a number of things to keep you safe. It won't let apps from untrusted sources run. It will also do security checks on already installed apps and block messages sent through ADB. People who aren't very tech-savvy would find this helpful.

New Battery Page in Settings

Samsung's Battery page used to be in the Battery and Device Care menu, and you needed to click a few times to get to it. Now, it's on the Settings home page, where it's much easier to find. [caption id="attachment_191711" align="aligncenter" width="1600"]ui-battery image credit - phonearena.com[/caption] It looks better and has more features, and you can see a lot of information about how your battery is being used. We have to say that other Android phone makers, especially Pixel phone makers, should really take a look at this, especially since Pixel phones don't give you much information about the battery.

Better Smart Select

When it comes to smaller features, the smart select has been improved, which is a tool that is way underrated. Samsung now shows you the aspect ratio and gives you a viewer to help you make a very exact choice. This is great and makes a lot of sense.

Waveform Animation for Music

When we talk about small but cool new features, you get a new moving waveform when you play music, which looks really cool.

When will One UI 6.0 be available on Samsung Galaxy phone?

It depends on what you're using. The first thing you need is for that update to still be available for your Galaxy phone. Recently, Samsung has been the only Android phone maker to promise four years of software updates. This promise started with the Galaxy S21 line, so even older Galaxy S21 models can get One UI 6.0.  The newest versions, however, will get it sooner, so we expect the Galaxy S23 series to be the first to get the Android 14-based One UI 6.0 update around October. According to our estimates, the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S21 series should get the update by the end of the year (Samsung has not yet given an official timeline).

How to download the One UI 6.0?

To join the Samsung beta program, you need to have a Samsung phone and live in the United States, South Korea, or Germany. You also need one of the supported devices and the Samsung Members app on your phone. It will be coming to other places soon, so keep looking if it doesn't show up right away. When you open the Samsung Members app, if the test program is live in your area and for your device, you should see a banner at the top of the page inviting you to join. After you sign up, all you have to do to update your software is use the normal method: go to Settings > Software Update > Download and install.

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