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LG Launches World’s First Eyesafe-Certified TV Display

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LG Launches World’s First Eyesafe-Certified TV Display-GadgetAny

When purchasing a TV, customers always look for ones with good picture quality. However, with increasing screen time nowadays, buying ones that limit blue light is equally important. Blue light is a high-energy light that a human eye cannot filter effectively. As a result, constant exposure might lead to blurred vision, irritated eyes, and headaches. In addition, it can even cause people to have trouble while sleeping and reduce their alertness, focus, and concentration. Besides, children are particularly vulnerable to blue light exposure due to underdeveloped eyes. Hence, their eyes are less effective at filtering blue light than an adult’s eyes. Therefore, it is vital to get TVs that have eyesafe-certified displays.


LG Display’s OLED TVs offer excellent picture quality with reduced exposure to blue light. In contrast to LCDs that use constant backlight, OLED TVs’ pixels themselves produce light. Additionally, these pixels only produce certain light types according to the image’s demand. Thus, it leads to less blue light exposure than LGCs. 


Furthermore, the Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board recommended OLEDs as the best choice for TV displays. The board is a group of world-famous optometrists and ophthalmologists. Besides, OLED displays are developed with direct input from doctors who ensure they meet international standards for low blue light and color performance.  

Most importantly, OLEDs offer better picture quality than LCDs, giving a sharper and cleaner image. The reason for this is the deeper contrast ratios and lack of “blooming” (an effect causing bright objects in a photo to whiten dark areas around them unnaturally) in OLEDs. 

Moreover, LG Display’s OLED Screen is the only Eyesafe-certified display currently on the market. 

Eyesafe Certification 

TUV Rheinland, a leading testing firm, a member of the Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board, and a world-renowned ophthalmologist, conducts the certification process. They ensure that the Eyesafe-certified TVs maintain low blue light emission while offering exceptional color quality to customers. Hence, LG Display’s Eyesafe Certified OLED TVs are the best opinion right now for reducing exposure to blue light while watching TV. 

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