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LG Projectors Automatically Adjusts to the Room Lighting

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LG Projectors Automatically Adjusts to the Room Lighting-GadgetAny
LG Projectors

With the pandemic, much content went into OTT platforms, making theaters vulnerable and home entertainment gaining momentum.

In a press release, LG revealed their latest range of home projectors in the Cinebeam line. The new launches LG Cinebeam HU915QE and HU915QB 4K UHD projectors are made for 90-inch and 120-inch images with the delivery of 3000 to 3700 lumens of brightness. The brightness is more than an OLED upon conversion from nits. In addition, both the projectors come with a contrast ratio of 2.000,000:1.

The projector does not have to be wall-mounted if space inadequacies exist. In addition, the three-strait laser technology combines a light source separately for each RBG color resulting in realistic images in the daylight. This feature is specifically helpful, especially compared to a projector with a single light source.

The projector comes with another tool for contrast adjustments that can change quickly to whatever scene you are watching is a profound immersion. Both the projectors have intelligent features, which makes it easier for you to stream right from the device. The projectors come with screen mirroring options, Bluetooth, 40-watt speakers, and a 2.2 channel.

LG Projector

Of course, like everything else in the world, this projector has its own disadvantages, mainly the high cost. The Cinebeam HU915QE is priced at $6,000, and the HU915QB is priced at $6,500. These new devices do not need the pitch black rooms as the old projectors needed.

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