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Deadpool Creator knew Hugh Jackman Would Play Wolverine for a Long Time

Liefeld, Deadpool creator, knew Hugh Jackman would play Wolverine for a long time

Tuesday’s announcement of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine’s dramatic comeback defied all conventions. In Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy’s video announcement, posted to Ryan Reynolds’ social media accounts Tuesday afternoon, Jackman was joined by Reynolds. It sparked a flurry of online activity. Rob Liefeld, the creator of Deadpool, was ahead of the game even though Jackman’s casting was revealed to the public on Tuesday night.

Speaking with Brandon Davis of, Liefeld claims that he was made aware long before an “industry friend” announcement that Jackman had signed a contract to reprise his Wolverine character, officially joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe following the events of Deadpool 3 in 2024.

The point is that the day following the Disney meeting, I had a business acquaintance who has never been wrong and is highly successful in the entertainment world. These artists, though, may need some time off. He answers the phone and tells me, “Dude, Hugh has signed on.” “They’re doing it,” Liefeld remarked, “and it’s done.” They had all that product information, and I knew the preferred date to shoot. All of that information seems to be true. However, they are still determining their announcement date.

Before this month, Marvel Studios’ initial release date of February 2024 was postponed to September. At the time, many people thought the trilogy starring Ryan Reynolds would be launched on this day.

Is a new X-Men movie planned? The only dated X-Men-related film on the Marvel Studios release schedule so far is Deadpool 3. There has been speculation that an actual X-Men movie is in production, but nothing more than Deadpool 3 and Disney+’s animated X-Men ’97 series has been officially revealed. Currently, Marvel movies and television shows have 2023 and 2024 completely booked, and 2025 is swiftly filling up. So, at the current rate, the release of Marvel’s X-Men revival would happen only in 2026.

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