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LinkedIn's AI Will Help You Craft Messages to Hiring Managers

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source: Digital Connect Mag LinkedIn is rolling out a new feature that uses AI to help job seekers craft messages to hiring managers. The feature, called "Intelligent Hiring", will suggest personalized messages based on the job seeker's profile and the job listing. To use Intelligent Hiring, job seekers can click on the "Apply" button for a job listing and select "Message Hiring Manager". From there, LinkedIn's AI will analyze the job listing and the job seeker's profile to suggest a message that is personalized and relevant to the job. This feature is designed to help job seekers stand out in a crowded job market, where hiring managers may be receiving hundreds of applications for a single job opening. By using LinkedIn's AI to craft a personalized message, job seekers may be more likely to catch the hiring manager's attention and get their foot in the door. [caption id="attachment_168662" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] source: Pink Dog Digital[/caption] However, it's important to note that this feature is still in its early stages and may not work perfectly for every job seeker. It's always a good idea to customize your message and ensure that it reflects your unique skills and experience. Additionally, it's important to use proper grammar and spelling, as well as a professional tone. Also read: IBM to freeze hiring for 7,800 jobs that could be replaced by AI, Bloomberg reports Overall, LinkedIn's Intelligent Hiring feature has the potential to help job seekers make a great first impression and stand out in a competitive job market. So if you're looking for a new job, consider giving it a try and see if it helps you land your dream job.

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