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Live Images Of Google Pixel 7a Leaked

(Image Credit Google)
Image credit : Smartprix The Google Pixel 6a is still one of the top low-cost Android smartphones despite its outdated technology. It was introduced in July 2022 after being unveiled in May at I/O 2022. The Google Pixel 7a has been the subject of numerous rumors and leaks as the device's anniversary draws near. The phone's initial hands-on photos, albeit of poor quality, slipped online at the beginning of the year. We can now get a closer look at the Pixel 7a's Pixel 7-inspired design thanks to high-quality hands-on images that have been posted online a few months before I/O 2023. It is evident from the hands-on photos posted by the Vietnamese blog Zing News that the Pixel 7a will use the same camera bar design as the Pixel 7. As a result, the camera bump will be much more durable because it will employ matte aluminum rather than glass. Regrettably, the images also show that Google did little to narrow off the large bezels around the panel. The Pixel 7a does appear much more upscale in the pictures because of the rear glass panel. The Pixel 7a should maintain the same 6.1-inch display size as its predecessor, but it is impossible to tell from the hands-on photographs. Nevertheless, the refresh rate will supposedly increase to 90Hz. The About Phone and Bootloader menus reveal that the phone will have 8GB of Memory and 128GB of storage. The Pixel 6a comes with 6GB RAM for comparison. [caption id="attachment_114400" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Pixel 7 A Image credit : 9to5Google[/caption] The hands-on photographs also reveal further details, such as a single physical SIM tray, rubber IP protection around the SIM slot, a speaker, and a USB-C connector at the bottom. Soon after the phone's photos were posted online, Google remotely froze it, making it unable to ascertain its further specifications. The Pixel 7a, however, should have a Tensor G2 chip, 5W wireless charging, and have the same $450 price as its predecessor, if prior rumors are to be believed. According to reports, the device is a "software prototype" running Android 13. This is probably also the Pixel 7a's final design as its official unveiling is only a few months away. Unreleased Pixel phones have already turned up in Vietnam months before their official release. As the Pixel 7a's release date approaches, anticipate additional leaks to appear.

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