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Logitech’s New “Gender Inclusive” Gaming Accessories Have a Pink Tax

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A colorful range of Logitech's new gaming accessories for women comes with an added pink tax making them expensive. Logitech International, a Swiss-American multinational computer electronics manufacturer, has observed the rise of women playing online gaming in recent years. Therefore, Logitech's gaming wing Logitech G launched its new Aurora Gaming Collection, a range of "gender inclusive" gaming accessories like a mouse, keyboard, and headset. The company says that the gadgets are built around "comfort, approachability, and playfulness" for women or anyone who is "looking for a playful design and curated experience." In addition, the team uses  "feedback from women gamers across the community" to create these gadgets. With new designs and innovative features, Aurora is expensive and has a "pink tax" applied to products designed for women. Logitech's Gaming Accessories Aurora's G735 wireless headset is Logitech's first G gaming headset. Blue Voice microphone technology helps regulate your voice and save your preferred settings on its headset. In addition, it offers 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, up to 56- hours of battery life on LED turned off and ensures comfort for small-headed gamers. With a price of $230, the Aurora is more expensive than Logitech's Pro X headset, priced at $200, with similar functions. Moreover, Logitech says that the G735 features a battery life of 16 hours at 50% volume, with LED lighting. It is a disadvantage, as most wireless gaming headsets have longer battery life. Logitech's Gaming Accessories Furthermore, as per Logitech, its G705 wireless mouse is designed explicitly for smaller hand players. It looks like an ergonomic mouse with a unique thumb rest for added comfort. It comes with a "gaming grade" sensor with 8,200 DPI of sensitivity and a 40 hours battery life with its LED lights enabled and connects with the G715 keyboard. Its other accessories include pink or neon boom mics and earpads for $20, colored keycaps for $40, and keyboard top plates for $20. The G735 headset comes with a $40 storage case, and the G705 mouse has a mousepad for $30. The Logitech team explains that they have used the research, testing, and user reviews to design the Aurora gaming accessories carefully. They are excited that their new invention would help gamers from a specific category be recognizable in the gaming world. And that's incredible! Logitech's Gaming Accessories However, a design too focused on a specific set of people seems monotonous and could later lead to boredom. Nevertheless, the gaming mice, headsets, and eyeglasses could be exciting, and people with smaller hands like women and kids would enjoy using them. Logitech has said, "We realized we could be doing more" to deliver better solutions for gamers with their gaming devices. The brand might have to expand its range of Aurora gaming products at more affordable prices and with better battery life to match its competitors in this industry.

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