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Looks of First Apple Silicon rival By Qualcomm is a must watch

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Looks of First Apple Silicon rival By Qualcomm is a must watch-GadgetAny
Here's how Qualcomm's first true Apple Silicon rival might look.

When it comes to computer processors, Qualcomm lags behind Apple, as Apple Silicon has continually outscored Snapdragon-powered Windows machines. Now, code sleuth and tipper Kuba Wojciechowski has revealed the first details about a new Qualcomm “desktop” chip expected in 2024. The processor, codenamed Hamoa, could have up to 12 CPU cores, according to Wojciechowski. He claims that it might have eight performance cores and four efficiency cores.

According to the source, this rumored processor will have in-house cores based on Nuvia’s Phoenix CPU, a memory and cache configuration similar to Apple’s M1 silicon, and “extremely promising” performance.

For what it’s worth, Nuvia originally claimed that the Phoenix CPU outperforms the Ryzen 4700U Zen 2 processor in single-core Geekbench while consuming less power. It also appears to perform significantly better than the Apple A13. Competitors have all released newer processors but Phoenix does point to a useful CPU upgrade for Qualcomm. Check out the company’s slide below, which was published in 2020.

Qualcomm predicts that fewer consumers will purchase new phones in the final two months of the year.

Wojciechowski also claims that Hamoa will support discrete GPUs, implying that PC manufacturers will be able to add their own graphics cards to the setup. This would be a departure from current Snapdragon PC chips, which include Adreno graphics.

Aside from that, the leaker claimed that the coming-up Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will have a 1+4+3 CPU core design, with one Cortex-X3 core, four Cortex-A715 cores, and four Cortex-A510 cores. This differs from a Weibo leaker’s earlier this year claim that two Cortex-A715 cores would be replaced with two Cortex-A710 cores. So we’ll just have to wait until next week’s processor reveal to find out what we’re getting.

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