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‘Luvly O’ : This Recyclable Electric Microcar Can Be Assembled On The Spot

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‘Luvly O’ : This Recyclable Electric Microcar Can Be Assembled On The Spot-GadgetAny
Luvly Microcar

Image credit : www.luvly.se

Luvly O, an electric microcar from Sweden, has developed a unique city vehicle that is so compact its components can be shipped in a kit and assembled by micro-factories near the end-user. This flatpack approach reduces carbon emissions and shipping costs. The car’s parts are interchangeably connectable, making assembly easier for the builder, and allowing for a fully functional, recyclable electric vehicle.

Luvly Microcar
Image credit : www.luvly.se

The microcar utilizes advanced 3D composite sandwich structures, ensuring that despite being lightweight, the car remains sturdy for everyday city driving and out-of-city excursions. The mainframe of the electric car is delivered, while other components like windows, roof, seats, and dashboard are sent to the closest micro-factory for assembly. This flatpack method democratizes cost-effective and customizable light-urban vehicles.

Image credit : Deezen

Luvly O provides cushioned seats with a wide, comfortable mesh style and ample legroom for long drives. It comes with two swappable batteries that can be charged anywhere with a plug, ensuring continuous driving without the need for lengthy charging breaks.

The company focuses on sustainability, making the car’s parts recyclable and using renewable materials. After the car’s useful life, the parts can be disassembled at a micro-factory and sent for proper recycling. Safety features include energy absorbers and a sandwich-composite safety cell to protect the passenger.

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Being compact and maneuverable, the Luvly O electric microcar is designed for easy navigation through city rush hours, traffic jams, and narrow roads. The CEO and Founder of Luvly, Håkan Lutz, believes that by combining modern technological solutions with futuristic design, the negative aspects of traditional cars, such as environmental impact, cost, and space inefficiency, can be mitigated.

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