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Twitter Vs Threads: What made Threads trend quickly among users?

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image credit - businesstoday.in Mark Zuckerberg, the well-known CEO of Meta Platforms, made news on July 6, 2023, when he introduced Threads, a new app that has quickly become very popular. People often said that Threads was a strong competitor to Twitter, and in just 18 hours, over 30 million people signed up for the service.  Threads has been called a possible "Twitter killer" or "Twitter clone" by many media outlets because of its unique features that let users share short blurbs and repost other people's content on their own feeds.  Also read - Twitter’s New Competitor Instagram Threads. How To Sign Up For Instagram Threads?

Twitter Vs Threads: Major Differences

Editing Tweets

Twitter recently added the ability to change tweets for its paid users. As of right now, you can't change posts that have already been made public on Threads. If Threads users want to change something, they must either delete the post or make a new one. 

Web Browser Accessibility

The Twitter platform can be accessed through any computer browser, but Threads is only available as a mobile app. Threads do not have a web version that you can use to look around yet. Even though Threads.net is the official website, it just tells people to download the Android or iOS app to get the full Threads experience.

Direct Messaging

Threads don't have a direct messaging (DM) tool, which is one of its flaws. Threads don't have a way for users to send each other private messages. In fact, the site just recently added end-to-end encryption to make sure users' information is more secure. Because of this, users can't make private links or send direct messages through the Threads app.


Another interesting thing about Threads is that it doesn't use hashtags. Hashtags are popular on sites like Twitter, but Threads doesn't have this option yet. But it is likely that Threads will soon support hashtags, just like other social media sites owned by Meta, like Instagram and Facebook, which have done so for a long time.

Embed Posts

Threads do not have a way to post on other websites, like blogs. If you find something useful on Threads and want to share it on your blog, you can't do that because there's no way to make a linked post link. On the other hand, Twitter users have been able to create linked post links for a long time. This makes it easy to share tweets on other websites and blogs.

Separate Feeds

How the feed works on Threads differs from how it works on Twitter. Unlike Twitter, which has different feeds like "For You" and "Following," Threads only has one feed that includes popular posts and posts from people who follow you. Unfortunately, Threads doesn't have a way for you to only see posts from people you follow right now.

Chronological Feeds

You can set up a linear feed on Twitter, but you can't do that on Threads. Instead, Threads uses a feed that is created at random. This means that the order of posts may not be in the order of when they were made.

ALT Text 

At the moment, users of Threads can't change the alt text or alternative text that goes with images and videos they share on the site. Instead, Threads uses alt text made by a computer, which can be harder for people who use screen readers to understand. Many other social media sites let users write their own detailed alt text, but Threads doesn't have this feature yet, which could make it harder for visually impaired users to use.

Trending Topics

Twitter is well-known for its "trending topics" tool, which makes it easy for people to find news and discussions that are popular right now. But, unlike Twitter, Threads doesn't have a specific place for "trending" topics, at least not right now. Also read - How to Deactivate Your Threads Account Without Deleting Your Instagram Account


Threads does not have any ads on its website. The fact that there are no ads can be seen as a good thing for users. The CEO of Meta has said that ads might not be added to Threads until it has a large user group of about one billion people. For now, Threads wants to keep the site free of ads, which could give users a more focused and organized experience.

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