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Google Maps Extensions: Have you heard it before?

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Google Maps Extensions: Have you heard it before?-GadgetAny
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Google Maps is one of the most popular online map services globally, even with some of its flaws. However, a few websites and extensions make Google Maps even more useful. To use these tools, users must have a Google account. They offer features like giving the shortest route for multiple destinations, removing the cluttered boxes in the app, etc. Here are some of the sites and extensions users can have to make the best of Google Maps –

1. Routora (Chrome)

Routora is essentially helpful to travel salesman. It automatically adds multiple destinations in Google Maps and offers the shortest route to users for all of them. Open Google Maps and search for the first destination and get its directions. Then, users need to add all the multiple destinations they’d like to visit in any order to the directions list. After that, click the Routora extension, and it suggests to users the best possible route that saves time and gas money. However, this only works for car directions. And since it appears in Google Maps, users can send their new directions to their phones and save the route. Additionally, it works with up to 10 destinations in the app. Meanwhile, developers are building Routora Maps that allow up to 25 stops and add walking and biking modes in the premium version of Google Maps. 

2. Top-Rated.Online (Web)

Top-Rated.Online (Web)

Users can discover the most reviewed places on Google Maps in any city with the help of this extension. The reason is that almost every business is now on Google Maps. In addition, people check Maps first to check for reviews and leave one for any place. Top-Rated.Online is one of the Google Maps extensions that lists the most-reviewed places in any city. Open Google Maps, search for a city, and find sites with the highest number of reviews. Additionally, users can filter their search by bars, pubs, beaches, cafes, fitness clubs, hospitals, hotels, hostels, jewelers, lakes, landmarks, etc. After that, users can sort the list by most-reviewed. 

Besides that, the site also offers a lot of hidden gems and worst-rated places for every city. In addition, the list provides users with the rating, total number of reviews, and a short description of that place. Users can also tap on any business to find more information from its Google Maps page. Hence, the website is a great way to discover new places in any city – new or current. 

3. PureMaps (Chrome)

Opening Google Maps in any web browser results in users seeing everything but the actual map. The reason is that Google has created a mess by adding clutter and unnecessary boxes. However, PureMaps offer users a clean Google Maps experience in a browser. The extension enables users to show or hide any elements on Maps. It includes options like search cards, user information, minimap, map options, scale, Google logo, preview box, and widget pane. So, users can hide any option they do not use and re-enable it in PureMaps when they need it. 

4. Rocket Map (Chrome)

Rocket Map

Rocket Map is one of the most interesting Google Maps extensions. It adds a unique little widget to any page users read, like the news or Wikipedia. It allows them to look up any geographical location mentioned in that article. Users will see an overlaid widget in the bottom-right corner of any web page once they install this extension. So, users can search for any location here and view it on the small map inside the widget. And since it’s an authentic Google Maps, users can zoom in and out and choose between a regular or a satellite view. 

5. EZ Maps and Snazzy Maps (Web)

EZ Maps makes it easy for users to create custom Google Maps with markings and embed them on their website. Most importantly, it is entirely free and doesn’t require Google Maps API access. Users can start customizing their map after creating an account. Then, choose its size in pixels and if it should be responsive to the screen width. After that, users must select between road, terrain, or satellite maps and set a default zoom level. After that, they can start adding markers by dropping a pin or directly marking an address. In addition, users can add hotspots and choose their opacity and radius. 

Besides that, through EZ Maps, users can select whether others can scroll, zoom, or get a Streetview of their map. Then, users can preview, copy the code, and paste it onto their web page. In addition, users can add skins and themes via Snazzy Maps. It is a free and copyright-free place for designers to customize overlays on Google Maps.  

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