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Make Your Smartphone Impossible to Hack, Know the Process

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Make Your Smartphone Impossible to Hack, Know the Process-GadgetAny
smartphone attack prevention

Smartphone hacking can cause you losing all the information stored in your smartphones, as hackers take over your online accounts, contact numbers, and apps installed on your phone. Also, they can easily monitor your phone’s activity without your knowledge and consent.

Additionally, it’s challenging to stop smartphone hacking without prior arrangements as hackers continuously upgrade their hacking methods. 

A smartphone is always an easy target for hackers, as a single device contains our personal information, bank details, emails, and social media accounts. They can occupy all the data by hacking your phone, and all your confidential information through apps is open for them.

smartphone attack prevention

Although, there are ways by which you can protect your phone from such malicious hacks. Before heading towards the ways to protect your smartphone from being hacked, let’s discuss how you come to know if your phone gets hacked.

How To Know My Smartphone is Hacked?

1. Your phone needs to charge quickly.

If malware and unofficial apps get installed on your phone, it needs a lot of power to run malicious code, ultimately draining your phone’s battery.

2. Your phone runs abnormally slowly.

A hacked phone might give all its processing power to the hacker’s fraudulent applications. This can slow down your phone’s speed, and your phone gets frozen unexpectedly or restarted on its own.

3. You can notice unusual activity on your online accounts. 

The hacker’s app will try to access your online accounts when your phone gets hacked. Keep eye on your social media accounts and emails, as they can ask for a password reset prompts.

Prevent hacking on your smartphone

How to Prevent hacking on your smartphone?

1. Always download apps from the official site and avoid unreputed apps

Before installing the app, check the reviews and research to save yourself from hackers. Try to avoid third party apps. Also, while installing apps, be extra careful of the permissions you are granting. Some apps may request access to your gallery, camera, microphone, etc. while some apps have valid uses for it. Thus, giving consent to apps without consideration can land you in a soup. Android users are more likely to get into the trap laid out by the hackers as Apple has a strict process regarding app installation.

2. Keep your phone with you while traveling.

Apart from malware software which hackers mostly use to hack the phone, physical access is the easiest way for them to corrupt your phone.

If you can keep your phone safely with you while traveling or going to some unknown places, it becomes difficult for hackers to breach it.

3. Always use complex passwords.

Sometimes, you choose passwords that are easy to enter and remember too. But it can be easy for hackers to guess it. So, do not use 1234 or 0000; instead, use an extended passcode like those with six characters and a combination of different attributes.

Clear your internet search history

4. Clear your internet search history

It can be easier for hackers to review your search history and take action accordingly to show you some irrelevant ads which are malicious. When you unknowingly click on them, they open you up for fraud.

5. Activate the device tracking service on your phone

Simply enable lost track service on your phone to ensure the safety of your data if it gets lost. Some phones have a built-in application, while others may need a third-party app to add this feature.

Update apps regularly 

6. Update apps regularly 

Constantly update apps now and then, as App updates come with bug fixes to protect your phone from known risks.

7. Enable two-factor authentication

Two-factor verification adds an extra layer of security to your device. Fingerprints and face locks are becoming popular options nowadays, and they can be helpful to some extent to save your phone from breaching. 

8. Avoid using public Wi-Fi without a VPN

While using public Wi-Fi, it is recommended to use Virtual Private Network, using which you can protect your data from unwanted viewers.

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