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Man Builds Robotic Barber To Get Haircut Done At Home

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Image credit : Nerdist The video of a man getting hair cut by a robotic barber has sparked enormous discussion among internet users.  A video of a robot cutting a man's hair has generated discussion among online users and led many to express how the clip made them feel a little uneasy. Take a look at the video here.  The video of American engineer Shane Wighton using a specially designed robot to get himself his haircut has gone viral on the internet. A few years ago, Winghton first shared the clip on his Stuff Made Here YouTube account. Recently, a clip of the video got its way onto Reddit and grabbed the attention of the netizens.  The robot utilizes a computer program that offers the user different options of haircut styles. The robot's scissors are fixed to an adjustable lever rotating around the head.  [caption id="attachment_191522" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]haircut-robot-quarantine Image credit : GoBinge[/caption] As a safety measure, the robot maintains a bit of distance between the hair it wants to cut and the scalp. As a result, the robotic barber wasn't able to cut the hair near Wighton's ears.  "The possibilities for this... machine are endless with the most interesting things being haircuts that are too hard for human hair cutters to achieve," Wighton wrote. "Imagine a mathematically perfect fade from one side of your head to another. Or imagine if I added a trimmer to this, and cutting a perfect lithophane pattern into your hair." Within 22 hours of sharing the video on Reddit under the caption  “Getting a robot to cut your hair” it received around 24,000 upvotes attracting a lot of comments.  Also read : SwitchBot Launched Curtain 3 With Solar Panel That Provides Unlimited Battery Power “My partner & I learned how to cut each other’s hair and a big motivating factor to me was to avoid the awkward 20 minutes of repetitive small talk every few weeks,” a Reddit user commented. “This dude is a mad genius; highly recommend checking out his channel,” said another. “He seems terrified but I can’t blame him. A robot using sharp scissors near your head. One malfunction and you could lose an ear or something,” wrote a third.

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