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Massachusetts Woman Released a Swarm of Bees on Officers

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According to the Associated Press, a local woman in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, named Rorie S. Woods, allegedly tried to thwart the sheriffs' attempts to serve an eviction notice this week by releasing a swarm of furious bees on them. Additionally, at least three of the officers who were stung had bee allergies, and one of them required hospitalization. The woman now allegedly faces numerous allegations of violence and assault. Furthermore, Woods arrived at the eviction location in an SUV hauling fake bee hives. According to reports, there were numerous protesters on the scene working to halt the eviction. The 55-year-old woman apparently arrived, got out of the truck, and began shaking the bee hives to agitate them before removing the cover. Add then, hundreds of bees emerged. Massachusetts Woman Moreover, Woods instantly put on a beekeeper's gear for protection, but the deputies weren't as fortunate. In addition, one of the officers reportedly got stung in the face while trying to prevent Wood from unlocking the cage. On another note, the police arrested Woods on site, and she didn't appear to care about the officers who were allergic to bee stings. Massachusetts Woman “Oh, you’re allergic? Good,” Woods reportedly said. Strangely, this is not the first occasion that American police fell victim to buzzing insects. According to The Los Angeles Times, in 2020, a squad of police officers got ambushed while attempting to control a swarm of 30,00 to 40,00 alleged "killer bees" in Pasadena, California. Local firefighters contacted the cops to help seal off the area, but they soon found themselves stung. Several people from the public, including two firefighters, a police officer, and others, were reportedly taken to the hospital. Also, Read- FDA Advises Throwing Away These Recalled ALDI Falafels  

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