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Matthew Fryslie- mysteriously vanished english teacher last seen Chicago airport

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Matthew Fryslie- mysteriously vanished english teacher last seen Chicago airport-GadgetAny
Matthew Fryslie

A shocking security video captured the disappearance of an English school teacher in the terminal, before the mysteriously disappeared before boarding his flight. The teacher is confirmed by the name of Matthew Fryslie, 62, who was missing for six days following not boarding the connecting flight from the Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.


On the 14th of September, 2022 Fryslie was an English instructor from Taiwan was headed towards Des Moines, Iowa, via Chicago. Chicago police and the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office in Iowa as well as Chicago police are both investigating the Fryslie’s mystery disappearance.

Matthew Fryslie-Missing English teacher while returning from Taiwan
Matthew Fryslie-Missing English teacher while returning from Taiwan

Fryslie’s family was informed that he’s disappeared without trace, and they’re now devastated. The family members Bobette Fryslie posted updates on Facebook and asked for help from friends and family members in the search for the missing man. In her post on the 20th of September “Matt has been last observed in an oversized baseball cap and cargo shorts and a navy jacket. He was last seen in the past 24 hours in the vicinity of Swedish Hospital Chicago. We suspect that Matt’s mental health might be confused or altered. Continue sharing to help us locate Matt. Thanks!”

Matthew Fryslie

She added, “If Matt were to leave the airport, he’s typically wearing layers of clothing, travels light and usually wears a beanie. Matt is a walker who loves to walk and it’s not uncommon for him to stroll far distances, especially under tension.”

The brother of the man who disappeared, Paul Fryslie, spoke to NBC Chicago and said, “Mom and my son were waiting to take him to the airport and he did not get from the aircraft. The O’Hare video technicians have confirmed that he was there, and they’re trying to track his movements throughout O’Hare Airport.”

Since since then, the family has put out flyers that include a photo of Fryslie to locate him. Paul said, “All we can do is pray and hope that we can find Fryslie before anything terrible can occur. The more eyes, the better and only one contact.”

Matthew Fryslie

The mother of the teacher who disappeared was devastated. Kathy Fryslie was seen on the street where his passport was discovered giving out flyers to the people who passed by while she pleaded for assistance in finding her son. When speaking to NBC Chicago, she said, “We are very certain that he’s in Chicago someplace. It’s very stressful and scary. Your mind is prone to wander into dark and ugly locations.”

The passport of Fryslie was found within the Uptown neighborhood’s 4400 block of North Sheridan Road. Then , on the 19th of September at night, Fryslie’s family was informed that police had picked the man up and transported the man to Swedish Hospital in Chicago and then released him the following morning.


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