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Meta Halts The Development Of the First Dual-camera Smartwatch

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Meta Halts The Development Of the First Dual-camera Smartwatch-GadgetAny

Meta Halts The Development Of the First Dual-camera Smartwatch

Recently, Facebook parent company Meta Inc has stopped the manufacture of its unique and first ever dual-camera smartwatch in the world.

According to the reliable sources, Meta’s dual-camera video chat devices that were initially rolled out in 2018 will no longer be available to the general consumers as the current stock is sold out and no further information has been laid by the company to produce the new stock.

Apparently, Meta’s dual-camera smartwatch was the most high-tech watch available in the market because they were using an advanced dual-camera which general smartwatches don’t have.

More interestingly, this bling smartwatch from Meta, came with two cameras, up to 18 hours of battery support, a gold metal frame, and two physical buttons on the edge.


Additionally, it was rumored that Meta’s dual-camera smartwatch comes with features like activity tracking, music playback, messaging, a heart-beat rate monitor, LTE connectivity support , and more.

The smartwatch had been in development for the last two years and had two in-built cameras : one under the display and the other rested against the wearer’s wrist. The front camera was for video calling while the other was detachable to let the user remove it quickly to snap pictures.

Reportedly, there was an issue with the second camera, placed below the smartwatch. It translated nerve signals from the wrist into digital commands. Meta dual-camera smartwatch was scheduled to arrive in “Spring 2023” at a price of around $349.00.

Although the company might have dropped plans to go ahead with this smartwatch, chances are its rumored features might come in other wrist-worn devices that the company is working on right now. However, the company further added that this technology used by Meta dual-camera smartwatch will work alongside AR smart glasses in the future.

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