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Meta Horizon Worlds Early Access Now Open on Web and Mobile—Here's How to Get In!

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(Image credit- Mashable) Meta Horizon Worlds is a well-known virtual reality platform and now, it is accessible to a wider audience on the web and mobile devices. The company made this promise more than a year ago, claiming that more users would soon be able to access the VR social platform even without the previous prerequisite of possessing a Quest wearable. According to the Meta Blogpost, "To start, a small number of people can now access Super Rumble through the Meta Quest app on Android, with iOS rolling out in the coming weeks."

Meta Horizon Worlds Early Access Now Open on Web and Mobile

The 3D social platform, which was previously the VR-only social app Horizon Worlds is now moving to the mobile and web platforms that provide more value to its users, according to a recent announcement from Meta. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="2000"]Meta opens up its Horizon Worlds VR app to teens for the first time, prompting outcries from US lawmakers | CNN Business Image credit- CNN Business[/caption] The social app's extension outside of VR is now available, and the company says it will release more worlds in the coming months to enhance the experience even further. Also read: Meta to launch its own AI model to compete with GPT-4, says a new report " The metaverse should be available to everyone no matter what device they're on." according to the Meta. With this upgrade, users are treated to the opportunity to enter the virtual world without using a VR headset. Despite the fact that Quest headsets offer the most immersive access to the metaverse, the company added, "We think there should be multiple entry points."  As part of its early access for what it is trying to build, Meta now focuses on its Super Rumble from the Horizon Worlds.  You can visit the Horizon Worlds website using any browser and request access. The first offering from the Horizon Worlds is accessible after gaining access.  [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]Meta's Horizon Worlds not just for VR, expands as social platform for mobile and web | Digit Image credit- Digit[/caption] Additionally, the Super Rumble app for Android is the first to offer the experience for mobile users, with Meta guaranteeing that the iOS version would follow soon.

Horizon Worlds in Meta

Meta has served as the public's gateway point to the metaverse since December 2021. Horizon Worlds provides a distinctive online virtual experience for bringing together friends, relatives, and strangers. Instead of being a game, it is a social platform where people from all over the world can unite via their Quest headsets, which were the only available channel before.  Moreover, Meta focused on protecting the Horizon Worlds from the many types of online harassment in addition to bringing the globe together through the social VR platform's capabilities. The Voice Mode controls are one of the unique features where users may hide their identity or go on mute to avoid any problems online, as well as the Safety Bubbles can be used by users to prevent any mishap.

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