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Meta Quest Super Resolution: How to Get Sharper VR Graphics

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(Image credit- Road to VR) Super Resolution, a non-AI version of the Quest platform that will be available in version 55, was just revealed by Meta to provide creators a choice for crisper graphics. While we wait for information on the future, higher-resolution Quest 3, Meta continues to enhance its current VR headsets. In June, Meta significantly improved Quest 2 and Quest Pro's performance, and a new update is already available.

Super Resolution for Meta Quest

The outcome of a partnership with Qualcomm's Graphics Team is Meta Quest Super Resolution (MQSR). Quest headsets will feature "edge-aware scaling and sharpening" to improve visual quality by combining Snapdragon Game Super Resolution, which debuted in April 2023, with "Meta Quest-specific performance optimizations." [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]New Meta Quest Super Resolution provides sharper graphics Image credit- Mixed Reality News[/caption] To keep frame rates high enough to avoid lag and offer a positive user experience, the majority of VR games render at a lower resolution than the display resolution. Typically, MQSR provides faster and better results than traditional bilinear scaling. “Super Resolution is a VR-optimized edge-aware scaling and sharpening algorithm built upon Snapdragon Game Super Resolution with Meta Quest-specific performance optimizations developed in collaboration with the Qualcomm Graphics Team,” the company claimed. Since there are certain compromises, developers must enable this feature before it becomes operational. MQSR "provides smoother edge reconstruction and reduces halo artifacts," however in highly detailed areas, it does strain the GPU's performance. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="810"]Meta Quest 3 Revealed: Better Visuals & Mixed Reality - VRScout Image credit- VRScout[/caption]

How to turn on MQSR

In the Oculus Debug Tool, turn on MQSR for Quest Link by setting Link Sharpening to "Quality." This setting provides up to two times faster sharpening and better results, depending on the displayed content. Game developers can activate the feature in Unity using OVRManager or OVROverlay, or they can use the OpenXR extension's XR_FB_composition_layer settings. Also read: Apple Vision Pro AR/VR Headset Releases at WWDC: What to Expect, Price, Release Date, and MORE The Quest Update v55 includes Meta Quest Super Resolution. Since late June, the update has started releasing in waves, but it might not be available everywhere just yet.

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