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Meta Vs The Wire: Detailed analysis of the ugly brawl between the two

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An intriguing proposition was made to journalists at the nonprofit Indian news site The Wire earlier this year by a new source. The person claimed to work at Meta and wanted to enlighten journalists about the inner workings of the organization. The source met with The Wire, who asked them to confirm their identity by giving Sen papers like their ID card and salary stubs.  Following several conversations, The Wire trusted the source enough to contact them in the fall while looking into a potential story about the suspicious removal of seven Instagram posts mocking a member of India's right-wing government, according to reporter Jahnavi Sen in an interview with Platformer. Detailed analysis of the ugly brawl between Meta and The Wire The next narrative stated that Meta had granted a high-ranking member of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party the authority to delete Instagram postings whenever they pleased.  In response, Meta strongly denied the claim. One of the most bizarre tech journalism stories in recent memory resulted from what happened next: The Wire gradually released more information about its sources and reporting techniques, and Meta leveled previously unheard-of accusations — supported by evidence — that the documents the publication rely on appear to be faked. The publication The Wire increased the volume of their reporting before tripling it. In an unsigned statement on Monday, the publication discussed "the impossibility of this being a hoax." The publication itself may be engaging in fraud, according to Meta, which responded with a detailed refutation. Detailed analysis of the ugly brawl between Meta and The Wire On one hand, this is a narrative about whether a social media platform gave a government official enormous secret capabilities, and on the other, it's a forensic inquiry into whether any of the materials that were made public to substantiate that allegation are actually true. On another, though, it tells the tale of how credibility is gained — and lost — in an atmosphere of low trust. Who is anyone to believe when the truth appears to be explained only by the discovery of an actual conspiracy on one side or the other? Additionally, the claim contradicts our own knowledge of how the firm uses an internal technology called XCheck, which has generally been used to stop posts by prominent users from being taken down.

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