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Meta’s Whatsapp Is the Lifeline of India, the Land of Giants

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The messaging app Meta acquired in 2014, has become an essential part of the people in most of India; however, if you are living in another country, you must hear the name of this popular messaging app. WhatsApp has become incredibly popular and influential around the globe. For instance, in India, the service is more than just a messaging app; but is the source to stay connected with friends and family. the Land of Giants   According to Rajeev Khera, a founder of a Food tech business known as Chakki Peesing, established outside of New Delhi, "WhatsApp in India is a way of life." Moreover, like other users, Khera is one of the millions of Indians who run businesses first and foremost through WhatsApp.  However, it's not just about businesses, as around 400 million people in India use WhatsApp to stay connected with relatives who live abroad, send money, access critical medical information, and more. Whatsap   Of course, the reason behind the popularity of WhatsApp is its simple design which helped make it a hit internationally, especially in countries where most people don't have iPhones to use iMessage or inexpensive cell phone plans to send SMS messages. In the course of time, Meta procured WhatsApp eight years ago in a record $19 billion cash and stock deal; it was considered a leap in the dark. However, today, even though it doesn't hand out much to Meta's net income, WhatsApp is feasibly the company's most essential international product. Still and all, WhatsApp has exerted itself with some of the same deception problems that have dominated Facebook. But unlike Facebook, WhatsApp uses private, encrypted communication software, making it harder for the company to moderate the content.  Whatsapp Will Cathcart, the Current Head of WhatsApp, said, "You have to think about what it means to offer a service where people communicate their most private thoughts, most private messages, most private calls to the people they care about the most all around the world." Recently, the Indian government has threatened to crack down on one of WhatsApp's core values: user privacy, with regulators demanding a way for authorities to access people's messages when needed.  Meanwhile, after facing a lot of criticism and domination, we can say that WhatsApp is still the most handy app, especially for Indians.

By Raulf Hernes

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