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Microsoft announces a wave of updates for ChatGPT-powered Bing

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Microsoft announces a wave of updates for ChatGPT-powered Bing-GadgetAny
Bing Chat

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Microsoft announced a number of minor upgrades to its ChatGPT-powered Bing chatbot today and changed the product from a closed, invite-only preview to an open preview that anyone can join as part of its ongoing effort to incorporate generative AI elements into all of its products. Microsoft’s dedication to incorporating AI technologies into all of its products as soon as possible is further evidenced by the fact that this next stage of the “new Bing” was unveiled just three months after it was first presented.

Anyone with a Microsoft Account can access the chatbot and other features of the New Bing during its “Open Preview” phase, which also sees an effort to make the chatbot “more visual.” Soon, Bing Chat will be able to produce graphs and charts as part of its responses, and the Bing Image Creator will be accessible in all of the more than 100 languages that Bing supports. You can search for photographs using a new visual search function by first uploading a related image to Bing Chat.

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Microsoft is also planning to expand the amount of history and context Bing Chat can remember, “moving from single-use chat/search sessions to multi-session productivity experiences with chat history and persistent chats within Edge,” writes Microsoft VP Yusuf Mehdi. This means you’ll be able to return to previous chat sessions, chats can stay open while you browse in Edge, and chats will become “more personalized” as Bing Chat “bring[s] context from a previous chat into new conversations.” The latter feature will be rolled out “over time” since it’s something Microsoft is still “exploring.”

The extra time spent on exploration might be necessary. To prevent the Bing chatbot’s responses from being too strange, threatening, nonsensical, or simply buggy in the past, Microsoft set a time restriction on each chat session and included different “personalities” (Microsoft’s term for this behavior is “conversational drift”). It’s unclear whether lengthening chat sessions and having Bing Chat remember context from earlier chats would bring some of those issues back or make them worse.

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In order to transform the Bing chatbot into a “platform,” Microsoft plans to offer support for third-party plugins in the near future. OpenTable and Wolfram|Alpha are mentioned by Microsoft as the chatbot’s initial partners for making reservations and enhancing its math and scientific capabilities, respectively. At Microsoft’s Build developer conference in late May, more details on how to build Bing Chat plugins will be disclosed.

Microsoft reaffirmed its “AI principles” and referred to a recently updated “approach to responsible AI” document (PDF), as it does in most of its AI-related releases. Microsoft is still clearly all-in on this new AI-centric plan for Bing, and it doesn’t seem likely that it will reduce or suspend its rapid rollout any time soon. The company will continue to address “potential harms” as testers discover them.

According to Microsoft, every percentage point of the search market that Bing can capture from Google would generate almost $2 billion in advertising income each year. It’s easy to understand why Microsoft is promoting Bing Chat and generative AI features aggressively despite criticism and skepticism given that Google’s Bing Chat competitor, Bard, is off to a rocky start and there’s a general perception that Google search isn’t as good at surfacing good results as it once was.

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Microsoft has added generative AI tools to Bing, Edge, Skype, GitHub, and other products in addition to Windows 11. The business also gave a sneak peek of a Copilot function that will assist in automating the creation of documents and emails in Microsoft 365 programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams.

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