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Microsoft Bing vs. Google Bard: The AI Race is Beginning with Big Tech

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As their most cutting-edge artificial intelligence makes its way into their systems, Google and Microsoft have significantly improved how people search the internet. Google focuses on Bard AI, which incorporates itself into the development of the company's valued search engine, whereas Microsoft has already made its way to Bing. With the most recent ChatGPT-like capabilities on its renowned engine integration, Microsoft claimed to have provided the general public with a "co-pilot" anytime they utilize the Bing AI search and the Microsoft Edge browser. Prior to that, Google also unveiled the Bard assistant, which aimed to incorporate AI into search in order to make it more conversational with a human-like approach. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1248"]Microsoft and Google launched AI search too soon | Mashable Image credit- Mashable[/caption] Who will win the race for AI supremacy between the two Big Tech giants, which are leading the competition in search engine AI, is a huge unknown. The response to that, though, is yet in the future. For the time being, incremental measures must be done, particularly since Google Bard is still in a limited testing environment for a small number of partners to assist in its immersion in the current internet. Microsoft has an advantage in this situation since it has already released a preview of its most recent AI integration via Bing.com, giving everyone a taste of how it performs in the market. Additionally, Google Bard suffers grave consequences for both its reputation and Google's stock, primarily because it produced an incorrect response to a straightforward query regarding the first exoplanet photograph. Bard allegedly asserted that the James Webb Space Telescope, which will debut in 2020, was the first to capture it, although the ESA's Very Large Telescope actually did so first in 2003. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Microsoft's AI-powered Bing is coming for Google's Bard-infused search - Vox Image credit- VOX[/caption] How Successful Would AI Be in Search? Since the two businesses had previously incorporated deep-learning technology into their systems prior to this competition, users may have already encountered AI in search engines. Google asserted that it has already included AI in search results to assist users in receiving the information they require for a more genuine encounter. This is also accessible from Microsoft, and the Bing search engine is well-known for its AI-powered features that have been made possible thanks to the company's Azure cloud infrastructure ever since. Even so, the company's continued cooperation with OpenAI has already enabled the latest integration, opening up new possibilities for the company's artificial intelligence endeavors. Also read: Google’s steady fighter, “Bard,” is ready to combat “Chat GPT.” These two enormous Big Tech companies flaunt their most recent innovations to the world, but unlike Microsoft Bing, Google is still holding onto their best card, Bard, for more limited testing. With Bard's latest error garnering substantial media attention, fierce rivalry exists to establish the finest service in the current battle for AI supremacy.

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