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Microsoft Edge To Remove 5 Features After Its Latest Update

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image credit - 9to5google.com There is a chance that the next version of Microsoft's Edge web browser will have fewer features than the last one. The new version of Edge, 117, is in beta right now, but on September 14th, it should become stable. Five parts of it will be taken away. The Math Solver, Picture Dictionary, Citations, Grammar Tools, and Kids Mode are some of these tools.

Citations Features Didn’t Work Out

[caption id="attachment_192066" align="aligncenter" width="750"]Screenshot_2023_08_28_at_4.52.05_PM image credit - theverge.com[/caption] Edge's Citations feature, which is an extension of the browser's Collections feature, is made to help students organize and create citations from academic online sources in the right format. Like Math Solver, this is a pretty specialized tool that probably wasn't used that often. In its last beta channel release notes on August 25th, Microsoft said these tools would be "deprecated" or removed. The company said the reason is to "improve the end-user experience and simplify the More tools menu." Also read - Microsoft Adding Darker Mode In Microsoft Edge

Edge Wants More Users As Google

Since its public release in 2020, the new Chromium-based Edge went from being a faster and more power-efficient version of Google Chrome to what many users would call a big, Microsoft-focused version of Chrome. The new Bing Chatbot works well with the web browser. You can reach it by clicking the big Bing button on the right side of the Edge toolbar. Microsoft wants more people to use its Edge browser instead of the more popular Google Chrome browser. To do this, it needs to find a way to stand out. 

Edge To Hide Most Of Features

Sometimes, extra features are just a bunch of useless stuff. If you've never heard of the above features, they probably just made the browser even bigger. Microsoft is likely trying to make Edge easier to use in other ways, like by adding tools for parents and teachers, while it keeps adding AI features and shopping tools.  Microsoft Edge isn't all bad because you can still change the way it looks and hide most of the things you don't need. And if you use a lot of Microsoft products, the automatic change of profiles in the new Edge for Business is very helpful.

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