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Microsoft Is Bringing Python To Excel: Here Is What To Expect

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image credit - theverge.com Microsoft has made it possible to run Python code from within Excel. This means that the most popular computer language in the world can now be used in the most popular spreadsheet in the world. Stefan Kinnestrand, general manager of product marketing at Microsoft, wrote in a blog post, "Today, we are excited to announce the public preview of Python in Excel, which makes it possible to combine Python and Excel analytics in the same Excel grid for uninterrupted workflow." Microsoft has teamed up with Anaconda to make this happen. Anaconda provides its Python distribution for data science, which includes famous libraries like Pandas and Matplotlib. In a statement, Peter Wang, CEO and co-founder of Anaconda, said, “I am excited to announce that Anaconda Distribution, an open data science platform for Python, has been integrated into Microsoft Excel. This is a big step forward that will change how millions of Excel users around the world do their work.” The hope is that when Python is easy to use, Excel users will be able to use their spreadsheet data to make more complex displays, data manipulations, analytics, and machine learning models. [caption id="attachment_191466" align="aligncenter" width="999"]py ribbon 900 _Visuals image credit - techcommunity.microsoft.com[/caption]

Anaconda Python Will Be More Secure

Python from Anaconda will live in a Microsoft Azure setting that is warm and comfortable. This is because Excel users don't have to deal with the possible difficulty of setting up Python on a local machine. Also, Anaconda's Python will likely be safer in the cloud than if Excel users download tools independently. Microsoft has already said that its snake was tamed because it knew there would be worries about adding another way to attack Excel. Also read - Windows systems are being targeted by brand-new Python malware Redmond offers the following benefits in a post about data security and Python in Excel.
  • Excel's Python code runs in containers that are kept separate by a host and made with Azure Container Instances.
  • Python and a set of secure tools chosen by Anaconda are in the container.
  • The Python code can't reach the user's computer, devices, account, network, user tokens, or workbook features, like formulas, charts, pivot tables, macros, and Visual Basic code.
Kinnestrand said that since this is just a public preview, users should expect more changes to editing features like autocomplete, syntax highlighting, how errors are handled, and so on. He said there are limits on how much data can be stored and how much computing can be done. This is to stop people from abusing or making too many claims on Microsoft Azure's resources.

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