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Microsoft is saying goodbye to Windows 10, and will no longer provide support for it beyond 2025

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Windows 10 to be retired in 2025, as new OS unveils (Image credit- BBC)

All things must come to an end, and Windows 10 is no exception. After making its debut in 2015, the eight-year-old operating system from Microsoft will be discontinued by 2025. As of version 22H2, the firm's most recent and final software upgrade, no new OS developments will be made until two years from now, according to the company. Microsoft has stated that it would stop providing security updates for the widely used Windows 10 operating system. The current build of Windows 10, 22H2, will serve as the OS's final release, according to the firm. Additionally, Microsoft has disclosed that it will continue to provide monthly security updates for the OS up until its end-of-support date of October 14, 2025. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="594"]Microsoft is Saying Goodbye to Windows 10, to End Support by 2025, Already  Runs its Final Version | Tech Times Image credit- Tech Times[/caption] For the millions of users who are currently using Windows 10, this news has major ramifications. The OS will no longer get security updates, bug fixes, or technical assistance from Microsoft when the support period has ended. Microsoft has added that current long-term servicing channel (LTSC) versions will continue to get upgrades up until the support date, nevertheless. As a result, up until October 2025, specific enterprise customers that use LTSC releases will continue to receive security updates and other support. Despite already focusing on Windows 11 as its primary operating system for users, Windows 10's most recent version, 22H2, gave the world significant features for the OS. According to the most recent statement, customers should no longer anticipate further development on this, as 2023 will mark the release of its final version, with only security updates being made accessible unless they are LTSC users. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Support for Windows 10 will end in 2025, according to Microsoft Image credit- Windows Report[/caption] Windows 10 and its Earlier Versions Windows 10 continues to be one of Microsoft's most well-liked OS updates in the company's history since it offers a new aesthetic when compared to other Windows releases. It was the direct successor to Windows 8, which was originally made available in 2015. Despite its importance, it was plagued with problems and glitches that prevented users from taking full advantage of its capabilities. After six years, the firm ultimately released its replacement, Windows 11, in 2021. While some users may be concerned about Windows 10's end of support, Microsoft is urging them to upgrade to Windows 11. According to the business, Windows 11 promises improved speed, security, and productivity and is built to function without a hitch with the newest technology and software. Also read:  Samsung Wear OS: Here’s What You Get With the Galaxy Watch Microsoft's and its clients' support for Windows 10 is about to end. Users are encouraged to upgrade to Windows 11 in order to benefit from the newest features and advancements, even though the OS will continue to get monthly security upgrades until it reaches the end of support in 2025. Other options for individuals who still favor the Windows 10 OS include the LTSC and waiting until 2025, but these are not ideal because your PC may be vulnerable to security flaws that Microsoft won't shield you from.  

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