Microsoft to launch the new Teams update by April this year

new Microsoft Teams

The new Microsoft Teams will help users to deliver the best presentation

A new entry in the Microsoft 365 product roadmap explained that the update would have new controls for presenter mode, allowing users to resize and reposition the video feed. The company elaborated that “Presenter mode video controls enable presenters to move and resize the video feed and automatically adjust content size accordingly. Plus, it is applicable on all models, including standout, side-by-side, and reporter.” 

Microsoft released the presenter mode last year to enable Teams users to customize their presentation style to the occasion. It was designed to help presenters “deliver content more professionally and offer meeting participants dynamic experiences,” as noted by the company.

microsoft teams

The latest update will help users resize and reposition the video feed, ensuring the visibility of critical information unobstructed by the video. Moreover, the update will perfectly fit in with the recent updates by Microsoft, permitting users to practice their presentations beforehand and record them for fine-tuning. 

On another note, the company also disclosed various hybrid working-centric updates to ensure that the meetings remain equitable between employees working from the office and home.

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