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Microsoft to roll out ChatGPT 4 with AI videos next week

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Image credit : Investing News Network In recent months, ChatGPT has become impossible to avoid, and it appears that Microsoft is about to update the AI tool with a change that could put it back in the limelight. That's because the business intends to release GPT-4 as soon as next week, and it might enable you to produce AI-generated videos using straightforward text instructions. The news was revealed by Andreas Braun, Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft Germany, at a recent event titled “AI in Focus — Digital Kickoff” (via Heise). According to Braun, “We will introduce GPT-4 next week … we will have multimodal models that will offer completely different possibilities — for example videos.” Apps like ChatGPT are powered by the GPT-4 big language model technology. Currently, ChatGPT can only respond in text, but it appears that will change with the upcoming upgrade. The tool ChatGPT won't be the first to produce movies made by AI. Make-A-Video, an app that produces realism-based videos based on brief text instructions, was introduced in 2022 by Facebook owner Meta. It sounds like the upcoming ChatGPT version might be able to carry out some similar tasks.

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Microsoft stated that GPT-4 would be "multimodal" at the AI gathering. This would enable Microsoft's AI to translate a user's text into images, audio, and video, according to Holger Kenn, Director of Business Strategy at Microsoft Germany. Microsoft provided an example of how a contact center could use GPT-4 to automatically translate phone conversations between staff members and customers into text, saving a ton of time and effort that would otherwise be required to summarize those calls after they end. Also read : Microsoft releases Designer, AI tool that creates images from text Microsoft remained silent about the ChatGPT integration into its Bing web browser, despite the significant demand and waiting lists. Perhaps the business decided it was too sensitive a subject given all the recent controversy this has caused. Regardless, it might not be long before we learn more about ChatGPT's upcoming version and whether Microsoft can resolve any lingering issues with its AI assistant since GPT-4 is reportedly launching as soon as next week.

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