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Microsoft To Shutdown XBOX 360 In July 2024

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image credit - techspot.com Microsoft has said that the Xbox 360 Store will close at the end of next year. Users of the Xbox 360 console won't be able to buy content straight through the console or the Xbox 360 Marketplace site after July 29, 2024. Even after the store closes, players can still view and play Xbox 360 games and downloadable content (DLC) they have already bought. 

Xbox 360: The End of an Era

[caption id="attachment_191006" align="aligncenter" width="1066"]Xbox-360-Store image credit - thurrott.com[/caption] In November 2005, Microsoft released Xbox 360. In November, Xbox will have been making video game consoles for 18 years. But because Xbox is still improving, Microsoft decided to stop running the Xbox 360 Marketplace.  Once the change is made, Xbox 360 users won't be able to buy new games, DLC, and other entertainment material from the Xbox 360 Store on the console or in the marketplace. If a player deletes one of their bought games, they can still download it again. Players can also keep playing these games online as long as the game's developer allows it. You can still save your game progress to the cloud. The announcement also made it clear that the closing will not affect the games and DLC that have already been bought for Xbox 360. So, gamers can still play within the games they have gathered. With backward compatibility, these games can also be played on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

Xbox 360: Effect Of The Closure

It's important to know that the closing of the Xbox 360 Store won't change the fact that Xbox 360 games and DLC will still be available on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S stores. On the newer platforms, players will still be able to buy these games. According to Video Games Chronicle, not all Xbox 360 games can be played on newer systems. Only 633 of the 2,154 games that were made for the Xbox 360 can be played on the original Xbox. Because of the closure, about 220 digital-only Xbox 360 games that are not backwards compatible will no longer be available and may go away from the device. Some Xbox 360 users may be upset by this choice, but it's likely because Microsoft wants to focus on supporting and growing its newer console platforms.

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