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Microsoft Uses Inworld For Improved AI Video Games Characters

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Microsoft Uses Inworld For Improved AI Video Games Characters-GadgetAny
Microsoft Uses Inworld For Improved AI Video Games Charactes

Inworld, a company that’s really good at making non-player characters and stories for video games, is teaming up with Microsoft Xbox to create better video game characters and stories.

This partnership is all about making it easier and more exciting for game creators. Inworld and Xbox want to provide game makers with some special tools that use artificial intelligence (AI). These tools will help them create better dialogues, stories, and quests for their games. It’s like having a smart assistant for game design.

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Two Cool AI Tools From Inworld

Inworld is working on two main AI tools. One is for helping game designers come up with cool ideas for their games. It can also help them make their game scripts and stories better. The second tool is an AI character engine that goes right into the game itself. This means games can have ever-changing stories and quests, so you can play them again and again and have a different experience each time.

Making Games Faster and More Awesome With Inworld

Creating a new video game usually takes a long time. But with these AI tools, Inworld hopes to speed up the process. This means games might be ready to play sooner, and they could be even more exciting and immersive. Game creators can focus on the big ideas while AI takes care of the details.

For a long time, video games have mostly improved their looks and graphics. But now, AI can make games more like real adventures with great stories. It can even change how the game works to keep players interested. So, get ready for more amazing and interactive video games in the future!


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