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Microsoft will include an updated audio mixer in Windows 11

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Microsoft introduced a refurbished Quick Settings Volume Mixer to Windows 11.  This new feature will enable users to change audio devices, adjust volume and enable spatial audio on a per-app basis. However, for a long time, Windows has been denounced by its users for giving them the hassle to manage multiple audio devices to sort out this problem,  the company has finally put a solution to improve the audio experience of its users. Microsoft just come up with the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25309 to the Dev Channel and release some features that might change the previous opinions of its users regarding its OS. Overall. the move made by Microsoft to fix its bugs by building and releasing new updates and innovations. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="527"]Microsoft is currently experimenting with a revamped audio mixer for Windows  11 - Innovation Village | Technology, Product Reviews, Business Image credit- Innovation Village[/caption] As far as the new release is concerned a modernized audio mixer in Quick Settings has just been added to the roster. Microsoft explained in this context that"With this change, you can now tailor your audio experience with more control and fewer clicks to better manage your favorite apps." Furthermore, this update will bring a new experience for users as it enables them to perform quick customization with additional control to switch devices. In addition to this, a new keyboard shortcut is also introduced to allow users to change the volume in a faster way, the keyboard shortcut is WIN + CTRL + V. Moreover, the Windows Sonic experience was also upgraded for users to allow the feature with a quick access list of installed spatial sound technology. Users can easily find additional spatial sound technology through Microsoft Store, including Dolby and DTS. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="875"]Microsoft is testing a redesigned Windows 11 audio mixer | Engadget Image credit- Engadget[/caption] However, this feature is not currently available for all the Insiders in the Dev Channel as Microsoft is still testing it and wants to know the feedback from the users to update it overboard. According to the reports, this feature came into rumors last month after it was seen within an experimental flag of a test build for Windows 11. The modernized audio mixer may also look amicable to some, as it is very similar to EarTrumpet. Other sources also claim that Windows 11 also recall its new touch keyboard setting. In that,  users will be experiencing a new dropdown menu with 3 options to control whether clicking an edit control should launch the touch keyboard. Also read: How to replace the battery of Microsoft Surface Pro 9? It comprises:
  1.  Never, this will subdue the keyboard even when no hardware is attached.
  2.  When No Keyboard is Attached, that will show the touch keyboard only when it is used as a tablet without a hardware keyboard.
  3. Always, will enable the touch keyboard when the hardware is attached.

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