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Microsoft’s AI Can Convince User to Switch to Edge

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Microsoft’s AI Can Convince User to Switch to Edge-GadgetAny

Microsoft Edge is a wonderful alternative to Google Chrome with unique Read Aloud features on Windows PC and smartphones. Moreover, Microsoft’s AI frequently prompts you to use the browser and try its unique features.

The constant and maddening Windows 11 prompts users to make Microsoft Edge their default browser. However, Edge’s built-in “Read aloud” feature and Microsoft’s advanced synthesized voices similar to human voices make the browser unique. In addition, when used with wireless headphones or earbuds, its text-to-speech features help you take a casual break from your work desk to have some me time, like having a coffee or stretching out for a while.

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The audio listening feature lets you write or edit your data while catching missing or misspelled words. It can also help you edit wrongly written sentences. Following your texts while writing improves your work focus and enhances productivity.

Various apps and browser plugins have seamless functions, Read Aloud, and other features. However, you can directly control Microsoft Edge’s “Read aloud” feature from a web page. Activating it is easy by clicking the three dots at the browser’s upper right to select the menu or by right-clicking on the text. Also, you can click on the page’s actual text to go to a particular section.

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Moreover, Edge lets you select the text you want to read or jump over by clicking it to overcome those texts while listening on a browser. The high authenticity of the Microsoft voices, like the pauses, inflections, and the absence of tell-tale robotic vocal fry, is a must-have feature of the Edge. However, the AI still sounds robotic with unusual names causing confusion.

  • Higher Voice Quality

The Edge’s voice quality of the text-to-speech tool is much better than the drone-like voices of other browsers. In addition, it allows easy importing of data and passwords using Chromium, an open-source powering Chrome. Microsoft officially retired Internet explorer this year and introduced the Edge in 2015.

  • App sync and Data transfer

Furthermore, the “Read Aloud” feature is available for Edge browsers in smartphones at the bottom menu of the Edge mobile app. Edge’s “Collections” feature syncs with PCs and smartphones on your Microsoft account and saves your data and web pages. However, your saved files won’t sync to your phone.

  • Amazon Alexa and Audiobooks

Amazon Alexa and Audiobooks


Do you like reading audiobooks on Echo devices, but do you happen to forget your last read page? Well, synthetic voices could be the future reader for your Kindle books or Amazon’s Audible audiobook in the future.

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