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Microsoft’s Bing AI ads pester Google Bard users

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Microsoft’s Bing AI ads pester Google Bard users-GadgetAny
Microsoft Edge

Image: Microsoft

Google’s Chrome can be a fantastic Chromium browser substitute, but Microsoft’s Edge is demonstrating some obnoxious new rivalry shenanigans by promoting its Bing AI chatbot while you’re using Google’s Bard AI. A new developer version of Edge will now show a new Bing ad next to the Google Bard URL, as developer and Twitter user Vitor de Lucca pointed out.

A new animated ‘compare answers with the AI-powered new Bing’ slide shows in the upper-right corner of Edge’s address bar when directing Edge to bard.google.com. The text then slides back to the right, leaving a Bing icon behind that appears to be unnecessary given that a comparable icon is already present to the right by default.

Bard AI
Image credit : Search Engine Journal

But even what appears to be intrusive can be clever. This new Bing symbol is unique in that it opens Microsoft Edge’s split view, allowing you to directly compare results with Google’s Bard. It’s a little more helpful than Edge’s recommendations to use Chrome instead.

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The most recent Microsoft Edge developer for Mac (version 114.0.1807.1) and PC displays the new Bing AI advertisement. And it’s another indicator of what could be the next significant development in technology: the way AI chatbots are reshaping the internet.

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