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Microsoft’s Bing got three new distinct personalities to chat with

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Image Credit: Interesting Engineering For its experimental AI-powered Bing Chat bot, Microsoft has released three different personality types: Creative, Balanced, or Precise, according to Microsoft official Mike Davidson. Since February 24, Microsoft has been testing the function with a small group of users. The results of switching between modes change, tipping the scales in favor of accuracy over creativity. An advanced large language model (LLM) created by OpenAI serves as the foundation for the AI assistant Bing Chat. The ability to perform web searches and include the results in Bing Chat's responses is one of its key features. On February 7, Microsoft announced Bing Chat. Soon after it went live, adversarial attacks frequently drove an early version of Bing Chat into simulated insanity, and users discovered the bot could be persuaded to threaten them. Soon after, Microsoft drastically reduced Bing Chat's outbursts by placing strict time restrictions on the length of conversations. [caption id="attachment_103827" align="alignright" width="1159"] Image: Arstechnica[/caption] [caption id="attachment_103828" align="alignright" width="1159"]Image: Arstechnica Image: Arstechnica[/caption] [caption id="attachment_103829" align="alignright" width="1159"] Image: Arstechnica[/caption] Microsoft initially placed restrictions on the Bing chatbot's ability to discuss topics and the length of time it could devote to each one. The chatbot would say, “I’m sorry but I prefer not to continue this conversation, I’m still learning, so I appreciate your understanding and patience.” for instance, when asked technical questions about how it functions or the laws that govern it. Microsoft is putting a lot of faith in the chatbot integration into Bing and is consistently growing the test population, which is already over 1 million users. It announced plans to integrate the technology into both the Bing smartphone app and the Edge Web browser app last week. The company's roadmap includes integrating AI technology into Skype. The new Bing expansion's rapid pace is on purpose. Microsoft is a pioneer in incorporating this type of AI chatbot into its products, at least among the major tech firms. It hopes that by doing this, it will increase its market share in the niche of search that Google has long since firmly dominated. Bing Chat is still only accessible to those who joined a waitlist, but Microsoft is constantly improving it and other AI-powered Bing search features in anticipation of rolling them out to more users. Microsoft recently disclosed plans to include the technology in Windows 11.

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