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Midjourney Shares a Scary "Last Selfie Ever Taken"

(Image Credit Google)
User zx_JB posted some of the scariest images on the Midjourney Discord channel. No smiles or pouting, hollow and puckered skin with barren landscapes would be the last selfie taken according to the prediction by AI. Midjourney is an AI-powered system that generates images allowing you to imagine the future, timeline alteration, thumbnail designing, etc., using a discord bot and is free for all. Still, it is available for a limited time. But, seeing the images, the message is clear, if we do not wake up and do something good for the earth, this is where we are headed. Though images rightly point out the callosity we are handling the situation, it isn't comforting, and you take time to process it. The app uses the discord bot to sketch. The images were posted on the Midjourney discord channel by Tik Tok user Robotoverlords, which have caught the attention of the internet. The user says he put off the channel in less than 10 seconds, saving himself from nightmares. He quoted, "with the harrowing thought of these humanoid husks being our ultimate fate filling my brain; I had to get another perspective. Something a little more lighthearted. I joined Discord and had a peruse for something a little more positive." "Having found mostly AI-generated cats, cute girls, and whatever 'nerd guy sad computer Japanese' was aiming for, I had a go at asking the AI to generate something a bit less alarming." After sharing the horrific images, he adds, "Typing /imagining Garden cities of the future threw up some gorgeous photos, and I've upscaled a few—another neat little feature—for your viewing pleasure. I'm sure it's a welcome vista after that assault on the eyes. And I'm personally more inclined to believe this is what humanity's future will hold. Maybe I'm just a romantic idealist, but can we at least aim for this first? And concludes by saying, "On that note, imma plant a tree."

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