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Mobvoi explains why it can't roll out its TicWatch Wear OS 3 update

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Image credit : Poc Network // Tech Users of the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra, TicWatch Pro 3, and TicWatch E3 have been awaiting an update to Wear OS 3 with patience. While the business did make the update available for these devices, users have had to wait a very long time before learning why it took so long. The reason the update hasn't yet reached the aforementioned devices, according to a statement by Mobvoi shared through email and its Twitter account, is that they simply need more time to get everything polished and functioning properly. The wearables run on exclusive Mobvoi hardware in addition to Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 series CPUs. This equipment is crucial since it manages the watch's low power operations, such as powering its secondary LCD screen. Because of this, it appears that the business is having a little more difficulties finishing things. In particular, the business claims:
This necessitates further architecture upgrades and performance debugging when updating to Wear OS 3 to guarantee the highest level of software quality and user experience.
The issue is that people are still waiting, which is unfortunate given how terrific it is that they want to make sure they provide a great software update. Also read : Samsung Wear OS: Here’s What You Get With the Galaxy Watch Furthermore, the most recent update doesn't really give any insight into a timeframe or a potential release date for this update. However, if a prior story is to be believed, there is a possibility that it will happen in Q3. [caption id="attachment_170544" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Mobvoi watch Image credit : Mobvoi.com[/caption] A glimmer of light might come from the company's announcement that "extensive" testing of the software would begin soon. Additionally, the business is open to letting intrepid users participate in a closed beta test of the update. Although more patience is now needed, an announcement should provide additional information regarding the update and the beta's functionality.

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