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This Awesome E-bike Can Charge Almost Every Gadget

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This Awesome E-bike Can Charge Almost Every Gadget-GadgetAny
Mokwheel Basalt bike

Mokwheel, a California-based electric bike maker, introduced a unique electric bicycle named the Basalt. Additionally, Mokwheel Basalt claims to be the world’s first e-bike that works like a power station. 

The design

Mokwheel Basalt is an all-terrain electric bike flaunting 26 x 4.0 inches tires. In addition, it comes equipped with an adjustable front fork with 110 mm of travel and a hard tail rear. The unique fusion of a powers station and an e-bike is available in two frame configurations – step-through and step-over. 

Mokwheel Basalt bike

The specs

The Basalt consists of a 750W brushless DC motor, producing 85Nm torque and giving a top speed of 45 kmph. Besides that, it possesses a 960 Wh battery that claims to offer 136 km of range on a single charge. The Mokwheel Basalt also has a multifunctional LED display, showing riding speed, battery level, and trip details. 

Charging abilities

The most common fear of e-bike owners is having no power backup for their electronic devices when they go on a trip into the wild. However, the Mokwheel Basalt is a cure for these worries. Fortunately, users can pair the e-bike’s battery to an inverter with solar charging compatibility and convert it into a mobile power station. 

Furthermore, it claims to give a maximum power output of 1,000 W, offering both USB-C and DC output. In addition, the mobile power station is compatible with 18 – 48 V solar panels. Interestingly, Mokwheel boasts that the e-bike can power a 900W electric grill for 45 minutes.  

Lastly, the Mokwheel Basalt is crowd-funded via Indiegogo at present. Unfortunately, the company has not revealed its price yet. But, Mokwheel will likely sell it for under $2,000. 

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