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More Than Half Of The Google Chrome Extensions Gather Your Personal Info

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More Than Half Of The Google Chrome Extensions Gather Your Personal Info-GadgetAny
Google Chrome Extensions

The number of permissions granted is strongly correlated with the danger of data collection, according to research by data risk management business Incogni, which revealed that 50% of all installed Google Chrome extensions pose a high to extremely high risk of doing so.

A study by Incogni found some unsettling results after looking at 1,237 Chrome extensions that were available in the Chrome Web Store. It was discovered that over half (48.7%) of the extensions may have the ability to reveal users’ personally identifiable information (PII), spread malware and adware, record passwords, and store financial information.

Google Chrome Extensions
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One in four (27%) of the extensions installed, according to Incogni’s analysis, gather data. This information was used to assess the risk impact of this permission. Almost 80% of writing extensions, including Grammarly and Compose AI, are the most data-hungry, catching at least one data point at a time. This is an intriguing fact.

If you already have writing extensions installed, be careful to take the required steps to improve your browsers and use caution before installing new ones. Writing extensions also request the most permissions, earning the highest risk scores of 3.7 out of 5.0.

Google Chrome Extensions
Image credit: digitaltrends

Installing extensions only from reputable developers is encouraged because most users won’t be aware of the hazards associated with each given permission or the fact that some extensions require particular permissions in order to work. Even developers with solid user reviews or reputable software development, however, cannot ensure total security. The key is to be cautious and use common sense when granting and reviewing permissions.

“Why would an ad blocker need audio capture capability or access to your file system?,” asks Aleksandras Valentij, Information Security Officer at Surf Shark. Simply refrain from using that specific add-on if you are unsure. For each add-on, there are numerous possibilities available

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