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Multiple OSes Can Be Booted Using This Tool And A USB Drive

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Multiple OSes Can Be Booted Using This Tool And A USB Drive-GadgetAny

For a time now, Ventoy has been a well-liked tool that lets you save numerous bootable ISO images on a single USB stick. There is currently a continuous update that improves it even further.

It typically needs erasing a USB drive and overwriting it with one image at a time in order to boot a PC into a Windows installer, Linux distribution, or other CD/USB image. If you wish to carry along install/recovery images for many operating systems, that implies using different USB devices. This issue is resolved by Ventoy’s multi-boot setup, which allows you to copy as many ISO images as you’d like on a single flash drive using any file manager before choosing the one you want at startup.

Image: linuxiac

Recently, Ventoy 1.0.84 was released, with two major updates. First, by pressing the L key in the boot menu, you can now choose a different language. The program is now compatible with disks that have a capacity of 32 GB or more and are formatted as FAT32. As a result, you can use multiple disks as a multi-boot drive and have them formatted as FAT32 so they can transfer files with practically any operating system. FAT32, on the other hand, is only able to hold files up to 4 GB in size, which might not be adequate for all bootable system images.

On the project’s official website, you may read more about Ventoy and test it out. I’ve been using it for a while, and it’s absolutely convenient to not continually have to overwrite flash drives (or use a specific writing tool every time).

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