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Muse S - The headband that helps with stress

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Mental health awareness steadily rises daily, even more so after the pandemic. Additionally, to tackle health issues, tech companies even developed numerous gadgets. Some of these gadgets even help users manage their stress and anxiety levels, which are some of the major causes of mental illness. And here is another one that contributes and aims to help customers maintain their mental wellbeing - the Muse S headband.

The Muse S headband

The Muse S brain-sensing headband utilizes numerous sensors to determine when psychological and physical problems occur within a user’s body. In addition, it offers users biofeedback tools and guidance to help manage stress, anxiety, sleep, and fatigue. Furthermore, Muse S connects to a mobile app that offers users data the gadget discovers. The app also gives users tips and ways to tackle stress, anxiety, etc. Additionally, it consists of hundreds of guided meditations to help users attain specific goals. For instance, they assist the users in getting better sleep and, in turn, reducing headaches and other problems.  Muse S headband Moreover, the gadget is comfortable and lightweight, with 10-hour battery life. Thus, users can wear it even while walking around. However, Muse S carries a hefty price tag of $400 even though it is beneficial. In addition, the companion app has Premium Subscription for users to access over 500 mediations. Lastly, the app only works with headphones or earbuds. 

Why does the Muse S headband stand out from other such devices?

Muse S headband possesses EEG-powered support for meditation and sleep. It measures and analyzes users’ level of brain activity, breath, and heart rate simultaneously. Hence, customers can use it as a meditation tool and sleep tracker. In addition, the device’s sensors connect to users’ forehead and the skin behind their ears to give accurate readings.

In the box

The headband comes in a narrow box with two smaller boxes inside. One has the adjustable blue/purple-ish color headband. And the other has the sensor pod that attaches to the headband together with a micro USB to a USB charging cable. In addition, users must download and install the Muse Meditation and Sleep mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Most importantly, Muse S headband is hand-washable since it is made of breathable and soft fabric. Fortunately, it is adjustable and can accommodate any head diameter. 

By Awanish Kumar

I keep abreast of the latest technological developments to bring you unfiltered information about gadgets.


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