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Musk to Relaunch Twitter Blue in November

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Musk to Relaunch Twitter Blue in November-GadgetAny
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Elon Musk, the new Twitter owner, announced on Tuesday that sign-ups for its Twitter Blue service would reopen on November 29.

The old approach, where the coveted check mark was only granted to verified accounts of politicians, celebrities, high-profile media professionals, and other prominent figures, will no longer apply to anyone joining up for the eight dollars per month service.

As a result, many of the previously verified accounts will now use the word “official” on their profile instead of the blue checkmark, which will effectively become a symbol that only indicates that you are a Twitter user with access to premium features.

Twitter impersonators will be permanently banned, no more fake profiles from now
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The “official” label, which initially appeared on certain Twitter profile pages last Wednesday before being swiftly removed by the business, has only recently begun to return on other account pages.

Musk stated in a different tweet on Tuesday that all unpaid legacy Blue checkmarks will be eliminated “in a few months” from profile pages.

After a number of fake accounts began to appear with the old verification blue checkmark, confusing many of the community’s 230 million or more active users, the business suspended the Twitter Blue subscription service on Friday. Some of the fake accounts had well-known brands on them, including Nintendo and Ely Lily, and they tweeted offensive, misleading, or both kinds of things.

Many companies have suspended their advertising on Twitter because of the commotion of confusion that has surrounded the platform since Musk’s $44 billion takeover at the end of October.

Musk tweeted on Tuesday in an effort to reassure users and advertisers that there will be clarity about Twitter Blue, or “Blue Verified,” as he refers to it, before the end of the month.

In an effort to reduce expenses and steer the platform toward profitability, Musk sacked over half of the Twitter staff just days after taking the helm. They were also receiving instructions from the CEO, CFO, and full board of directors.

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The future of Twitter is still surrounded by a lot of uncertainty. Many are unsure of how far Musk will go in fulfilling his previously expressed desire to loosen content moderation on the site, which could result in more inflammatory and troubling content showing up in tweets. In an effort to turn it into a “everything app,” the new owner might also wish to incorporate a variety of extra services like payments and shopping. But first, he needs to convince plenty of people to sign up for Twitter Blue or at least get those firms to start investing money on advertising again.

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