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My iPhone Battery Is Yellow, Is There Any Reason?

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My iPhone Battery Is Yellow, Is There Any Reason?-GadgetAny
Yellow Indicate In An iPhone Battery

Your iPhone is in Low Power Mode if its battery is yellow. Go to Settings > Battery and toggle off “Low Power Mode” to turn off Low Power Mode. Additionally, the mode will turn off on its own whenever your iPhone’s battery level exceeds 80%.

Do you know why the battery icon on your iPhone is yellow? A yellow battery icon is nothing to worry about, so calm down. Here, we go into the icon’s meaning and offer suggestions for fixing it.

What Causes the Yellow Battery Icon?

An iPhone in “normal” power mode has a white battery icon, while a red battery icon indicating the battery is less than 20% charged. However, if the battery on your iPhone is yellow, you’ve (somehow) activated Low Power Mode, a feature that is meant to preserve as much battery life as possible.

Yellow Indicate In An iPhone Battery
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Most importantly, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your battery is broken. The “solution” isn’t to change the battery in your smartphone or run more thorough diagnostics. It merely serves as a signal that you are using Apple’s battery-saving mode.

Of course, you can always check the status of your iPhone’s battery in Settings if you’re concerned about how long it will last.

How to Turn Off iPhone’s Low Power Mode?

Are you prepared to remove the yellow battery icon from the iPhone? Fortunately, when the battery level of your iPhone increases above 80%, Low Power Mode will be turned off automatically. But you can also turn off Low Power Mode by heading to Settings > Battery and switching it off.

Yellow Indicate In An iPhone Battery
Image credit: howtogeek

By heading to Settings > Control Center and selecting the “+” icon next to Low Power Mode, you can also add a shortcut to Low Power Mode to Control Center. To access Low Power Mode, simply swipe down from the top-right corner of your screen.

The Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac computers running macOS Monterey and later all have this mode as well.

Why Would You Use Low Power Mode?

Your iPhone enters power-saving mode when you enable Low Power Mode. Your display’s brightness is decreased, the Auto-Lock latency is shortened to 30 seconds, and the refresh rate for ProMotion models is constrained to 60Hz.

Additionally, a few visual effects have been toned down, some models do not support 5G, and background operations including email fetch, background app refresh, iCloud Photos, and automatic downloads of iOS and app upgrades have been suspended.


Most likely, the reduction in Auto-Lock latency is the effect that is most obvious. According to this setting, the screen will lock after 30 seconds of inactivity. Reducing screen time as much as you can helps to improve battery life because the display has such a big negative impact on battery life.

Automate Low Power Mode Using Shortcuts

Automate it with Shortcuts if you enjoy the notion of conserving battery life but don’t want to deal with the hassle of manually disabling or activating it.

Launch the Shortcuts app, then select the “Automate” option to accomplish this. When it does, click the “Create Personal Automation” button.

Image credit: howtogeek

Select “Battery Level” as the trigger, then move the slider to the desired battery level to initiate low Power Mode. Make sure “Falls Below X%” (where X% is the value you set) is chosen underneath this.

Select “On” from the drop-down menu after adding “Set Low Power Mode” to the following screen’s “Add Action” screen.

Last but not least, select “Next” and then turn “Ask Before Running” off. To save your automation, click “Done.”

Similar techniques can be used to construct an automation that turns off Low Power Mode when your battery “Rises Above X%” or you can use iOS’s default behavior, which turns it off at 80% charge.

The life of the iPhone’s battery

Consider getting a new battery for your iPhone if the battery life is getting poorer over time. Additionally, there are a few other pointers and strategies for maximizing the battery life of your iPhone.

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