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Nasal Irrigation Can Ease Nose & Sinus Irritation

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Nasal Irrigation Can Ease Nose And Sinuses Irritation

Nasal irrigation done twice a day reduces the intensity of CoVid 19 symptoms according to a recent study.

Mas Takashima, an ENT specialist at Houston Methodist Hospital, who was not associated with this study stated that the “researchers are probably on the right track.”

“Nasal irrigation is something we commonly recommend for our patients who have any kind of infection of the nose or sinuses.”

Nasal irrigation can ease allergies, colds, and cases of flu which directs toward decreasing the severity of CoVid 19 symptoms. Saline solution is used in nasal irrigation that flushes out sinuses which helps in getting rid of mucus. It makes the person feel better and removes bacteria and viruses.

Nasal Irrigation Can Ease Nose And Sinuses Irritation

Catherine Troisi, an epidemiologist at UTHealth School of Public Health who was not associated with the study stated, “Because the SARS-CoV-2 virus replicates in the nose, and keeps replicating in the nose, theoretically, it should work.”

She added, If you have an open sinus that is constantly circulating, it doesn’t get infected as often as something that is blocked off.”

In the study conducted for CoVid 19, the researchers performed nasal irrigation on those who participated. They used sodium bicarbonate or saline solution with iodine with a certain pressure and squirted in the nostrils. The participants were limited, only 79 due to which they could not make out which was a better combination.

A simple saline solution that is premixed or DIY, by adding salt and soda is the standard solution to keep colds, flu, and allergies at bay. You can use a neti pot which can be used to pour into the nostril or a nasal irrigation bottle. Either of them is available at a pharmacy near you or online stores.

Nasal Irrigation Can Ease Nose And Sinuses Irritation

Distilled or boiled water is a good option to use as it is bacteria-free and better to avoid plain water. Takashima stated, “It hurts when there is no salt in there,” 

She added, “To prevent contamination, be sure to wash the bottle after every use and change it every few months, or after an illness. If you have an active sinus infection, you’ll want to get rid of that bottle, once you’ve recovered, as there can still be lingering bacteria or virus.”

According to Troisi, “It does feel funny at first.”

You can watch Youtube videos to understand better and follow the proper technique and take it slowly and steadily in the initial stages. Takashima states that you can adjust the techniques according to your needs which can be a few times a week for a few sets of people with mild allergies or increase the frequency to more than once a day while unwell.

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