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Native Union Apple Watch Puck- Charge Your Apple Watch Anywhere!

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Native Union Apple Watch Puck- Charge Your Apple Watch Anywhere!-GadgetAny
Watch Puck

(Image credit- Appleinsider)


Frequently, charging an Apple Watch next to a wall brick or laptop is the most practical option.

This Native Union Puck is explicitly made to accomplish that. It has a folding hinge and a USB-C connector that enables charging of a watch at angles of 0°, 45°, or 90° from Type-C MacBooks and iPads as well as USB-C wall chargers. It contains a magnetic connector that firmly holds the watch in place during charging, regardless of the angle, and is MFi-certified by Apple.

You can charge your Apple Watch anywhere. Also, you can conveniently charge Type-C MacBooks, iPads, and wall chargers flat or angled owing to a foldable hinge and a USB-C connector.

Watch Puck
Image credit- Native Union
  • Your Type-C MacBooks, iPads, wall chargers, and more can be charged at up to 5W.
  • A magnetic connector secures itself.
  • Angles at 0, 45, and 90 degrees for various uses
  • Stay charged wherever you are with an ultra-compact design.
  • Pick excellence – Apple MFi certified
  • For the finest Apple Watch charging experience while on the road, combine it with Smart Charger PD 20W.

What’s More

No Additional Components Needed

The Watch Puck has a foldable hinge that allows it to be conveniently charged with any Type-C charging source. Simply plug into MacBooks, iPads, and wall chargers without additional components, and transport conveniently in pocket-sized shape.

Approved from Apple

Apple MFi approved, Watch Puck effortlessly interacts with your everyday technology. Charge with ease and relax knowing that Watch Puck not only looks amazing but performs excellently as well.

Image credit- MR PORTER

Simply Functional

Watch Puck’s fuss-free convenience is enhanced by its straightforward, sleek appearance. Obtain consistent power for every Apple Watch with a charger that matches the aesthetic of your gadgets.

Brand  Native Union
Connectivity Technology USB
Connector Type USB-C to Apple Watch Charging Puck
Compatible Devices Apple Watch 1-8, SE, SE 2, Apple Watch Ultra
Compatible Phone Models Apple Watch 1-8, SE, SE 2022, Apple Watch Ultra
Special Feature Adjustable, Foldable, Lightweight, Magnetic, Magnetic Charger, Portable, Travel
Color Black
Mounting type Wall Mount
Total USB Ports 1
Wattage 5 Watts

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