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Netflix Now Allows You To Kick People Off

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Netflix Now Allows You To Kick People Off-GadgetAny
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We’ve all been there: you gave someone else your Netflix login information, and now you can’t get them to cancel their subscription. Netflix will thankfully let you remove users from your account without having to change your password.

By using the new functionality being added to Netflix, you will be able to delete a specific device from your account and log out of that device without changing your password. Since you likely installed Netflix on all of your devices, including TVs with terrible virtual keyboards, changing your password can be annoying. You would also lose access to Netflix on those devices. You could avoid that headache if you choose this option.

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Simply go to your account settings, choose “Manage Access and Devices,” then choose “Sign Out” from the unknown device you wish to sign out of to remove someone from your account. Since this choice won’t change your password, as you can infer from what we just discussed, there isn’t really anything stopping the freeloader from entering again if they have the password on hand.

With this option, you can exclude any holdouts from your account who are resisting paying for their own accounts while Netflix tries to encourage them to do so.

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