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Netflix's My List feature is getting updated, which will make it easier to find new shows to watch, schedule, and MORE

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(Image credit- PCMag Australia) Netflix's massive library of series and films makes it difficult to decide what to watch when browsing, but the firm is now launching new tools that will make it easier. It focuses on the My List feature, which would assist users to organize the stuff they have saved to their profile and account and improve the experience of sorting their collection of stored media. This most recent Netflix announcement includes more features, and it will first be made available to Android users before being made available to iOS users a few weeks later.

My List on Netflix is getting improved sorting features

According to the reports, the well-known streaming service Netflix has unveiled an interesting new update that will make it easier for customers to find and arrange their favorite series and movies. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="730"]Netflix updates My List feature so users can find content they have yet to watch | TechCrunch Image credit- TechCrunch[/caption] The focus of the update is on improving the well-liked "My List" feature, providing users with a variety of new options to streamline content research and guarantee a tailored viewing experience. The option to sort material by date added is one of the primary enhancements to the My List feature, giving users an easy method to prioritize the platform's most recent updates. Additionally, Netflix has increased the number of categories available in the My List feature. Now users may group their saved content into groups like TV Shows, Movies, and more. Users are now able to browse in a more structured and customized way, making it easier for them to discover the content they are looking for. A feature that distinguishes between series or films that users have "Started" and those they "Haven't Started" yet has been developed by Netflix.

You'll see 'Coming Soon' on your homepage

In order to further improve the user experience, Netflix's site will soon feature a special section called "Coming Soon." By spotlighting upcoming television episodes and motion pictures, reports claim that this section will provide consumers with a glimpse into the future and give them an opportunity to look forward to the company's next releases. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]How to Use Image credit- How to get an American Netflix in the UK[/caption]Users of Android devices will be the first to receive the update, allowing them to benefit from the improved My List functionality first. Netflix intends to expand the update to iOS devices in the upcoming weeks so that a larger group of consumers may take advantage of the enhanced content management and discovery features. Also read: April Update for Xbox on the PC The Feature Determines the Accessibility and Playtimes of a Game for Your Sorting

The Streaming Experience on Netflix

One of the most well-known Netflix experiences exists, but the business has lately stated that it would end its DVD rental program, signaling that it is already transitioning to a totally digital era. The company's concentration has been on digital streaming in recent years, so this does not significantly alter things in the organization. Additionally, it updated its Basic plan with advertisements so that customers may stream some titles simultaneously at a reasonable price. The firm is searching for further methods to provide users with a controllable and simple experience in light of Netflix's enormous growth, beginning with an enhancement to its My List feature. The homepage also features a spotlight for Coming Soon, which enhances the platform's streaming capabilities generally.  

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