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Netflix’s Trivia Quest – Here’s how to play it

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Netflix’s Trivia Quest – Here’s how to play it-GadgetAny
Netflix Trivia Quest

Trivia quizzes or games ask players questions about random and interesting facts in multiple subjects. So, to bring the fun and anticipation of such games back, Netflix released Trivia Quest at the beginning of April. Additionally, the new interactive show is based on Trivia Crack, testing a player’s ability to remember random facts and information. Netflix users can quickly get access to the interactive series through Android TV. 

Moreover, in Trivia Quest, the players have a mission to save fellow associates who are currently prisoners. Hence, a correct answer frees the prisoners. In addition, the animation of the interactive series is outstanding. Most importantly, new rounds come out daily on the series, similar to a show’s episodes. Plus, the new rounds offers new question in standard or hard mode, allowing players to test their knowledge in anything.  

Fortunately, playing Trivia Quest does not require special equipment, hardware, or a console. Consequently, an active Netflix subscription and an Android TV are all a player needs. Furthermore, any remote used to navigate Android TV works well for selecting answers to the game. Additionally, players have to choose answers for each question under a set time limit. And there are 12 questions in each episode so far. In addition, in the first episode, the players get the hang of the story behind the game. Here’s how to get started playing Trivia Quest –

  • On the Android TV, open Netflix
  • Find Trivia Quest
  • And select Play S1: Ep 1 to begin playing

Conclusively, Trivia Crack fans will surely love playing the interactive new Netflix series immensely.

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