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New accounts to wait only 30 days for Twitter Blue

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New accounts to wait only 30 days for Twitter Blue-GadgetAny

Image Source: The Apple Post

In the last several hours, Twitter has made numerous changes to its membership program Twitter Blue. According to the firm, the premium plan is now available for purchase internationally. It also increased the cooling-off period for new accounts purchasing Twitter Blue to 30 days.

When Elon Musk originally introduced the Twitter Blue plan, which distributed verification marks, a slew of accounts began imitating corporations, politicians, and celebrities. The premium plan’s deployment had to be halted promptly by the corporation. To avoid this type of incident during the relaunch, Twitter implemented a restriction requiring newly established accounts to wait 90 days before subscribing to Twitter Blue.

Image Source: Twitter Blog

The corporation has now altered the rules and lowered the wait time for new users to receive the social network’s membership to 30 days.

“New subscriptions to Twitter Blue are available globally on web, iOS, or Android. Not all features are available on all platforms. Newly created Twitter accounts will not be able to subscribe to Twitter Blue for 30 days. We may also impose waiting periods for new accounts in the future at our discretion, and without notice,” the Twitter Blue website states.

Musk and the company are also removing legacy verification checkmarks as of April 1. Formerly, these Blue markers were used to emphasize significant persons such as politicians, activists, journalists, and other public personalities. The business invited individuals and organizations to sign up for Twitter Blue in order to receive a checkmark. Interestingly, Twitter’s verified organization service costs $1,000 a month, plus $50 per affiliate to signify the person is affiliated with them.


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